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I'm sitting here just wondering if there is some sort of estimate or calculator that tells you how long it will take to feel "normal" after quitting nicotine. Like for me, I smoked for 18 years so I am just wondering how much clean time I need after all those years before I feel 100 percent mentally and physically. Anyone know of any websites or have any insight on this?

I read a few posts asking others when they will feel better after quitting and I know it boils down to the individual, I was just wondering out loud I guess.. lol. :)

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  • "I know it boils down to the individual, " Sheena...You nailed it with this caption....For me it took a year to really benefit totally from no smoking...The physical and mental gain is only really showing after six months from where it just got better and better each day...!!

    Also remember it does not come easy or by itself and you must induce it with everything you got...You must now make your own happiness....!!

  • Thanks!!! Gives me hope :)

  • I am 5 months nicotine free and honestly feel nothing!!

    Stoked that I have quit the nasty habit, but all this stuff about feeling better/ smelling better/ food tasting better/ skin looking better etc. I am still waiting for...

    I did smoke heavily for 20 years+ so I am giving myself about a year to hopefully feel something!! .

    I like Hercu's comments, seems to make so much sense, thank you :)

    And Sheenal - KEEP IT UP xx

  • Jodi...Yes, thank you...It is a very hard path to recovery...for me every little change was amazing and did not happen overnight...as so many times said..I will never be the 25 year old stud again but very glad I will not be the 60 year old on the garden bench attached to an oxygen bottle...!!

  • That is a great way to look at it! Was feeling rather pessimistic til i read your look forward! Thanks.

  • Congrats on your 5 months! I know I feel better than I did the first month I quit but like you said, maybe at the year mark we will notice a big difference.

  • Hey SheenaL as noted yourself, everyones withdrawal symptoms are unique to them,

    When we stop smoking we expect to be full of life, feeling fantastic and any aliments we endure blame it on stopping - I was the biggest culprit for this, the recovery, rewiring and repairing takes time and is a gradual process but the good news is the body will recover which is remarkable. I started to feel somewhat normality and good around the 9 to 12 months mark.

    Also, we tend to blame everything on stopping which may not be the case and needs further investigation if getting worse and could be unrelated. You will be 6 months quit next month and the headaches, extreme fatigue and taste in your mouth sound unrelated to stopping so I would STRONGLY recommend going to your doctor as they do appear to be getting worse.

    Below is a pinned post on estimate timelines if not already read:


    Keep us updated and hope you get some sort of relief... :)

  • Thanks for sharing and staying on me about going to the doc. Good thing is I haven't had the metal taste in my mouth for about a week or a little longer so hopefully that's over with. You're right, I need to see my doc for a check up to make sure I'm good to go.

  • See post below i wrote in wrong space. Sorry you're going through this too.

  • I have this same @SheenaL. The more i read on here the more i KNOW i need to get to dentist. Do your gums bleed? I read smoking masks teeth probs. Mine bleed when i brush my teeth now. Never did before. Have looked up that blood can give you s metsllic sense of taste and smell. Not sure what the fatigue is all about but i have that too. If you find what it is before i do will you let me know? I'll do same for you. I have had an abnormal thyroid scan that w the 6th visit we are finally going to discuss biopsy. Maybe there is a link I don't know. I also have weird taste extreme fatigue and headaches (more on day I don't take chantix) Did you take Champix or anything to help you quit?

  • Hiya SheenaL - as already said everyone's quit is different but for me it was around the 1 year mark where I felt comfortable, happy and healthy and like a non smoker. I had similar issues like you with headaches which were not related to stopping - was diagnosed with high blood pressure after a lot of tests done, always suffered with headaches but got worse when I stopped smoking - over 2 years on smoke free, it is now resolved after short term medication, couldn't agree more about going to your doctor, please go :)

  • Thanks so much for sharing that. I'll make a doc visit soon. :)

  • Supplements have helped me a bit. Flaxseed oil (actually prescribe by eye dr) vitamin Bs- one of which is niacin. Niacin and nicotine are very similar in chemical composition i just learned! Unsure who wrote article so dont just trust, but i do find more headaches eye problems when I forget the vitamins and to drink a LOT of water. Feel like a sloth!

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