Day 17

Hi all. Well I have made it past the two week mark and I am very proud. We are all doing so well guys.

I am not sure if I am coming down with someone or if everything is withdrael related but mentally I feel great but physically not so much. Had to come home from work yesterday sick and slept all day. I have woken up today and my muscles ache and I feel so so tired and deflated. Odd feeling and not like a usual viral or cold etc. Did anyone else experience this?

Had another night of drinking over the weekend and didn't touch a single cigarette. I feel mentally I have really turned s corner and find myself not even thinking about it for hours on end then I remember I've not had one.

Wish my sleep would improve thou.

Thanks everyone.


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  • Hello Matt,

    It looks like you're well on your way to winning the mental battle, it's a pity you're still feeling so grotty.

    If it's any consolation I've read a lot of reports of people feeling like this in my time here. You could have picked up a bug of course but it could also be this lethargy, insomnia and general under-the-weatherness that some people experience.

    I hope it picks up for you soon and you start feeling the physical benefits of quitting. I think you deserve an extra pat on the back for getting thrugh this while feeling rotten...It's even more of an achievement!

  • Thanks for this matey!

  • Absolutely fantastic Matt!! Well done... I think it's common to feel rough and I've not felt the best myself. It's great to come here though and read people's experiences, puts things into perspective.

    Brilliant for not smoking on your nights out, feels great doesn't it💪🏻 ☺️

  • it does feel good I have to say!

    Thanks so much!

  • Winning!! :)

  • Hey Matt28 , good to read an update from you - what you are feeling seems to be perfectly normal and should improve, but if continues to get worse, may be a trip to your chemist or health food shop may help as you could bee lacking in something which smoking disguised. Also, drink plenty of water, fruit juices, lots of fruit and vegetables and a bit of exercise to clear the head. Plan that treat for your big milestone of 1 month in a few weeks time!

    Have a look at below pinned post too if not already read:

  • Thank you very much! I think it could be a wee viral infection or something. just so worn out and of course I am blaming everything on my non smoking...cant separate anything from it lol.

  • Yeah, I / we tend to blame everything on quitting :O Just keep thinking non smokers do feel under the weather too.

    I like your reference to 'wee viral infection' - that seems to be every diagnosis nowadays when you go to the doctor 'virus' - easiest €50 to tell ya that and then another €50 for antibiotics that completely drain your immune system only to back in a months time!! (irish health/medical system) :D

  • 😳 that's shocking!!!

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