day 3 again, but feeling good!

hey everyone just updating with a wee post, struggled a wee bit on wed as that was day one for me since my set back, but yesterday and today ive been absoulutely fine and im feeling pretty good about things, just having passing thoughts and nuthn more and although i did have a cigarette i dont quite feel that ive undone all my hard work from the last couple of months if anything i feel mentally stronger now as i take this commitment on again. i will beat this, im sure of it.

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  • Good to read Nohassel - are you doing it cold turkey, if so, the nicotine will be out of your system by end of today? Great positivity and mindset which is key, stay close to us :)

  • thanks roisin yeah sticking to the cold turkey method, think its the best way for me, just curious do you really believe that nicotine is out your system in 72hours i just find that hard to grasp but everywhere online says its 3days .

  • if that is the case then smoking is by far a more phycological battle compared to a physical battle, im pretty sure they say it take 3 months for your brain chemistry to go back to normal but i just always thought nicotine stayed in your system longer, it defo feels like that sometimes anyway haha :(

  • Nicotine is definitely is out of your system after 3 days cold turkey BUT its not as easy as that, or everyone would quit no problem :) - that is the physical battle out of the way cold turkey, the mental battle begins then as the brain begins it gradual recovery process of re-wiring, it peaks at 1-4 weeks and will be the toughest weeks of your quit, then it improves week on week and by 6 months you should start to feel somewhat normal and like a non smoker - try not to think ahead, just take it hour by hour and build on that for the moment - patience is your new best friend for the next few months :)

  • Nohassel....You are in it to win it this time...Stay strong

  • Keep at it your doing great 💪👍

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