Day 8

Hi all . I am new to this community. Day 8 of quitting smoking. I am using the patch. I did also call Dr and got a script for wellbutrin. I did not like how it made me feel so just using patch. Getting easier, but still I get a little lost after I eat or well pretty much anything lol. But I do have to say it gets easier each day. Smoked for 30 years, cant expect it to change over nite ! Anyway glad I found this blog hope to here back from the community. Thanks 😊

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  • Hi, with a big smile will say hello, 8 days is fantastic, and yes our bodies take a little time to adjust,

    Great to have you. On board, looking forward to your updates.

    Please post, if you hit any situations along the way

    Well done to you

  • Jackinosmoke....Welcome and certainly the best thing for you to stumble on this Forum.

    It definately kept me sane and surely will help you as well. Yes... It do not change over night especially for us long term smokers.... I had the bad habit for 38 years and it did leave a mark but truly glad I could stop and rediscover life the way it should be....

    Stay strong and well done on your 8 days.....!!!!

  • Hi Jackinosmoke,

    Hello and welcome and well done on your 8 day quit!!

    I smoked for 25 years and quit 2 weeks ago using Champix.

    It does get easier (the cravings) but keeping busy, deep breaths and lots of nice smelling things around has helped me quite a bit.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to following your journey.

    Mel :)

  • wd on making 8 days so proud of you does get easier in time were all here for you

  • Thanks all ! Its good to be here and to be able read and connect with others that are going through the same thing. I dont feel so alone 😊

  • yr neva alone on this site were all friends here all help give advice here for good and bad times if you cant cope just send post with sos on top and some one reply very quickly

  • Thanks I am glad i have thisto rely on . 😉

  • Welcome Jackinosmoke and congratulations on Day 9 now! I quit cold turkey 17 months ago and never looked back - been a bumpy road and a few big potholes but got through them, as time passes the stronger you will become.

    Looking forward to your progress updates - post anytime - good or bad :)

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