Day 7

I have got to day 7 with no problems. I stopped last Wednesday and I don't know if it is luck or because I stopped smoking, but by Thursday afternoon I had started a cold. All over Easter which has been pretty stressful for one reason or another, I have been suffering with this cold and have not even had any cravings, well maybe a couple of small ones but I overcame them very quickly.

My wife, who although didn't really want to stop but did it to help me has had a couple of cigs since, but even when she has gone out to have one I have not been that bothered.

Hopefully this will continue.

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  • Good for you Woody, 1 week is massive - congratulations!   Maybe the cold is a blessing in disguise for you as you are over the worst now with the physical withdrawals, it is all mental from now on, but you must not get complacent especially when you fully recover from your cold, keep the guard up and ready to attack at all times....

    Well done, you are doing great!

  • Strangely, it is my first cold in 2 years. More susceptible to it due to not smoking, that's what it feels like to me.

  • Yeah, you could be right Woody, for the first 2 weeks of quitting, flu like symptoms may be experienced....all good though, sign your body is clearing out the toxins and beginning to heal!

  • Yes the healing has begun

  • You've got the hardest week over with now, sorry about your cold hope you feel better soon

  • Well done Woody, it's sounding good so far. I think the cold might even have helped!

  • Nice one  woody171 I'm on day 8 so let's stick together  😆😆😆  

  • Hey Woody171 , how are things, hope going well?   

  • Roisin01 All going well thanks, so much so, I seem to have forgotten to check in here! Just over 3 weeks now and coping really well, although I am still on the strong patch, but expecting to go down to the medium patch on my next visit to the nurse in 10 days or so. I rarely need the inhalor. I even forgot to put my patch on this morning for an hour or two. Thanks for asking.

  • Great to read your update Woody and that things are going well.   Keep it up!

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