Day 5 of quitting the cigs& brain fog is making me nervous for interview next week!

I have quit smoking with the use of an e-cig and so far the worst symptom is brain fog! I have a major interview on Thursday& I'm panicking my brain fog will ruin my chances! I always get nervous at interviews& really don't want to mess this up as only get one shot! Advice/help please!

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  • Welcome Jan81 to our community and congrats on Day 5! Just keep telling yourself will a smoke stop your nerves for the interview - ya know the answer to that - lots of deep breathing and loads of ice cold water will work wonders for you. You can do this, I promise :). Let us know how you get on and stay close to us..

  • Thank you so much! Feeling v anxious& nervous&brain fog is awful! Will try anything to get through it other than smoke!

  • You could also go into your health food shop and get some supplements to help, just explain to them :)

  • Try not to worry. The thing is, you are going to be nervous whether you smoke or not. Smoking doesn't relieve stress like we think it does. Anyway, you wouldn't be able to smoke before the interview anyway because of the smell it leaves on your clothes.

    You can get through this interview and cigarettes will not help you do it - they will just be one more thing to stress about (as in, not being able to smoke beforehand).

    Believe in yourself.

  • It's normal to be nervous about an interview. Preparation for an interview helps relieve some of the uncertainty and worry. I've read a banana is a natural beta blocker that reduces anxiety.

    Good luck.

  • That is correct, by assumption.... You would need to eat a all lot of bananas lol

    Deficiency of potassium and magnesium lead to high blood pressure and high levels of stress, bananas are good for that 😀 or the magnesium powder 2 spoons - quick fix, it calms you down straight away! Potassium can be taken in tablets - slow k- slow release over the day but you should check with your Gp before taking it.

    As for the magnesium, it's a quick fix that will calm you down before the interview, maybe take it the days before too.

    Do not over do the magnesium, read the label for side effects or Pm me.

  • Thanks everyone for all your support. Got supplements today. But will get magnesium powder also!

  • Good luck tomorrow 😀

  • Hey Jan81 - 1 week quit, huge milestone, congratulations! Good luck with the interview tomorrow - let us know how you are getting on when you get a chance....

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