Back again determined to beat these awfull smokes with mbye a bit of help:)

Hey everyone its been a while since I last posted, I kind of gave up after my last failed attempt and became the slave again that we all are while we're smoking! I really feel ready to do it right this time and have set my quit date for tomorrow, so will be smoking my last cig tonight, any support is appreciated along the journey and hope all is well with everyone:)

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  • Hi Nohassel

    Welcome back! Good luck for tomorrow, I am sure you will be fine. Everyone on here will support you in your quit. 😀

  • Thanks bevjk, yeah its gonna be a rollercoaster of ups and downs highs and lows, but the end the result will be worth it, one day at a time:)

  • Hello Nohassel

    I too am a serial offender and currently back on board after relapse number 3!

    You sound in a good frame of mind. How are you quitting? I used an e-cig which I found to be most helpful.

    Good luck and post often!!

  • Hi mushen.. yeah I also ust to use a e-cig however i allways found myself with a cigarette if I was out at the pub and the more that happened the less I used it, so the cold turkey approach is the only way that really works for me its just being able to stick with it and not give into temptation, we all remember the nice cigs but never the rest haha...

  • Oh that is so true!

    Well, cold turkey it is then! You can absolutely beat this.

    Go for it. We're with you all the way.

  • Thanks again! Look forward to hearing how you and everyone is getting on, will post soon take care and thks.

  • Welcome back Nohassel and thank you for not quitting to quit... If you feel ready you are... Stay strong !!!

  • That's hercu, going to give it my all this time, its nice to know there's so much support on this forum, hope your doing good:)

  • Nohassel... I consider myself as on of the lucky ones where the pro's of not smoking totally overshadowed the con's whilst smoking.. I discovered that there is life without a cigarette and that I can make my own happiness...

    This is the real life after 14 + months smober ....!!!

  • :D - Love it Hercu - my new word of the day 'Smober'!!!

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