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Day 12

Kelly-862 Years Smoke Free

Hi everyone, just coming to the end of day 12 so not far off the 2 week mark now!

Things have been pretty good, still getting cravings but I'm using the quick mist mouth spray which really helps.

Day 8 was by far the worst- I almost had a cig, I was so close but I didn't!

I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for preventing any weight gain? I'd like to avoid it if at all possible!

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Well done Kelly-86, day 8 was my worst day too in my quit - my advice or tip to you would be to just focus on getting comfortable in your quit and not worry about anything else, your priority at the moment is not to light up that cigarette and if it means eating all around you so be it - any weight gain can be addressed later on and you might not even have an issue with it - what helped me rather than turning to food especially at work was a water juicer bottle (can be bought in any supermarket), I put cucumber, mint and lemon and topped it up with ice cold water throughout the day, really refreshing taste - it was my savior really :)

Keep up the great work!

Kelly-862 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you for that tip, the ice water with cucumber, mint and lemon sounds lush, I'll definitely be trying that one tomorrow!

Yes you are right, and I'm not too worried if I gain a few lbs, it's more that I'm trying to get fit really. I used to run a few days each week but gave up about a year ago when my running buddy fell pregnant.

I'm going to be brave and try and go for a run on my own in the morning!!

Thank you for the encouraging words, I feel like just coming here really helps actually!!

mushenValued Contributor

Hello !! I read somewhere that it's not stopping smoking that causes weight gain, it's the excess eating we do. I know myself, my brain sort of went, 'well you haven't smoked and you want to smoke so therefore you are entitled to stuff yourself wirh biscuits'. This is OK for a very short time but not for long. Don't worry too much. The best way to prevent endless eating to overcome cravings or boredom is simply not to buy rubbish food in the first place. If the only thing to eat is a tangerine than that's what you'll do.

Kelly-862 Years Smoke Free in reply to mushen

Hello :)

That is very true! Thank you :)

It's definitely boredom that's making me want to eat now that I don't smoke so I guess I'll stock up on carrot sticks haha!

Raad_19751 Year Smoke Free

I'm on day 14.. my worry is gaining weight too... I started exercising. Doing sit ups and eating healthier.. a great thing to munch on I find is plain cheerios.. along with fruits and veggies.. but I don't deprive myself of pure crap food now and then.. I'd go crazy ☺

Kelly-862 Years Smoke Free in reply to Raad_1975

That's great you are doing some exercise, are you finding it helps you feel better too?

Raad_19751 Year Smoke Free in reply to Kelly-86


RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Raad_1975

Welcome Raad_1975 and congratulations on 2 weeks quit - well done!

Perhaps, do up an introductory post and share your story so it will be seen in the new posts feed.

NozmoValued Contributor

Hiya Kelly,

My only advice would be to continue as you are and worry about losing weight when you are more settled in your quit. By all means try to keep the weight off at this stage but don't go crazy and put your quit in jeopardy while it's still fragile.

I put on nearly a stone because I just couldn't stop eating. I think I waited until about three months in before I couldn't stand it any longer and started to exercise more and lose the weight I had gained.

Kelly-862 Years Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

Hi Nozmo,

That makes complete sense, you are right, I think I'll just add a bit of exercise in when I feel like it and not worry too much about what I eat. I'll try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water but I won't deprive myself of naughty food if it helps me avoid slipping up and smoking. Did you find it quite easy to lose the weight you gained once you were confident the quit had been successful?

NozmoValued Contributor in reply to Kelly-86

I actually used this forum to help myself lose weight as well!! I found it easier when I was holding myself accountable and reporting my weight every week.

Just looking back on the post and chuckling to myself actually. I think you can gauge my frame of mind at the time from it.

I wouldn't say I found it easy but I definitely found it easier than I would have if I had done if I had been concentrating on not smoking as well.

Keep it up Kelly, you're doing great!

Kelly-862 Years Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

Thank you! Must admit I didn't think I'd make it this far!

Hahaha I did laugh at the "bra" comment- love it!!

dillyd1 Month Smoke Free

Day 19 & cravings are really bad today. Off on holiday on Tues & I think doing all the organising & trying to keep my BI husband calm are getting to me.

Trying to stay strong but so worried I will give in.

Not sleeping well, partly the not smoking , but also worry will the holiday go ok.

Really need it for me, but hubby hates being out of his comfort zone at least to start with.

Wonder why I bother really, after 40 plus years, is quitting now a bit too late.

Sorry folks, really down tonight, need a kick up the butt!!!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to dillyd

Hey dillyd - ALL your feelings are perfectly normal at this stage of your quit, I had the same thought at your stage of being too late, it is never too late, the human body is remarkable how much it can recover but it is a gradual process.

You are going to need all your strength now to get through this very difficult curve ball of your quit going on holiday, but I promise, if you get through this smoke free, you are well on your way to a solid quit. Wishing you strength and if you can post as often as you need to :)

dillyd1 Month Smoke Free

Thanks Roisin,got through last night, but husband being really difficult this am. I know it's because he's worried about going away, not good with change of routine, but not helpful for me.!!!.

I have told him I am not smoking, so may be a bit short tempered, but he forgets or doesn't understand.

He hasn't smoked since his BI, three & a half years ago, one good thing to come out of it.

Hanging in there, I Can do this!!!!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to dillyd

Yes you can dillyd - post anytime, there will always be someone around to help :)

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