11 months tomorrow

I'll be cig free 11 months tomorrow and I thought I'd post now as last month I forgot my monthly quit anniversary, lol. Quitting was hard, staying quit is hard. Yes even now I have times I think a cig would be great, but deep down I know that no good can come of having a cig ever again. I want to pass on strength to all those trying to give up this horrible habit, eat, drink water, exercise, snack on junk food, sleep, do whatever it takes and eventually you'll get to where I am and let me assure you it feels pretty dam good. See you all in a month or so as I plan to post on my 1 year anniversary at that time.

All the best to each and everyone of you reading this.

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  • Congratulations Canwes. Great post to read you should be feeling very proud of yourself :-) 

  • Great advice Canwes. The penthouse awaits!

  • Hey Canwes, great to read your 11 month update, congratulations!   You must be super excited - 1 month to go until the penthouse, you will be joining Incy_Wincy  there already, think she has given it a make over!

    Into my 7 month and best I have been in my quit.....but feels so far away unitl I reach 12 months....

  • It will pass in a wink Roisen .......and on the other hand you are such a great supporter and advisor...the new ones will miss you seriously once in the Penthouse...!!!

  • Canwes....Very Very well done....One month before entering the Penthouse.... Hope Incy_Wincky has got everything under control and ready because two weeks after you I will claim my place....Good going and once again thank you for being a good Example !!!!

  • That's great news - I'm on my 7th month - and like you still get the crave/urge but staying true to myself - way too much invested to restart !!

  • Well done...7 months is huge ...From month 7 it really becomes easier but be careful not to become to complacent...!!!

  • I gather the penthouse is when you reach the 1 year mark?

  • That is correct.

  • Hi Canwes, just read this post. Does this mean you are nearly at the penthouse now? Amazing journey. Reallllly well done x x x x x

  • Morning Canwes , 1 Year Smoke Free, WOW, AMAZING! Huge congratulations, enjoy the party!

  • It's tomorrow, but thank you so much. Feels good to be so close for sure.

  • Ah sh**te, sorry Canwes don't know how I got it a day early, can't wait for your 1 year post tomorrow :)

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