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Post christmas Cold turkey

Slypuss1 Year Smoke Free

Well i decided to go cold turkey on 5th january at 9 am, so into day 4 now after 35 years plus of smoking 20 a day. Been at my daughter and son in laws where nobody smokes but worried about going home tomorrow. My partner has never smoked so he is very proud of me but have friends and son who smoke. Also back to work the next day and so much temptation as work in a supermarket. Finding it tough today

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Huge welcome to our community Slypuss and congratulations on 4 days smoke free!

I too stopped cold turkey over 2 years ago - it was a bumpy road, very bumpy at times but with the right mindset, positivity, support and knowledge you CAN succeed. The nicotine is now out of your system since end of Day 3 so the mental battle has begun with your mind and body starting its gradual process of rewiring, repairing and recovering.

You are going to have to be strong during this vital stage in your journey to resist the temptation, but you will have some things to help you along with this, such as the dreadful stink of smoking - your sense of smell and taste will begin to heighten as your lungs, nose and throat repair. I would recommend lots and lots of ice cold water, fresh fruit and veg, bit of exercise to clear the head and above all stay close to us here and read up as much as you can, we have been at this stage and here to help you on this best achievement you will ever accomplish. Also, its worth getting some herbal supplements from your health food shop, explain you have stopped and they should be able to give you something to help with the withdrawals.

Below is a link to some helpful pinned posts worth a read if not already done so...

We look forward to reading your progress :)

Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

Hi, and a big welcome, and huge congratulations on day 4. .geat advice from Roisin, Please read and post often, for me at least it kept my focus, and am so convinced the forum, has-been a major factor in my quit so far.

Just wanted to say hello, looking forward to your updates, nearly a week


Atta13 Months Smoke Free

Wow you are doing amazing! We are all here to help you stay smoke free so post on here whenever you need to. Also have a look on YouTube at Joel Spitzer videos, they helped me through the first couple of weeks.

Stay strong x

Slypuss1 Year Smoke Free

Thanks, it is great to have found you guys, never realised that there was so much support out there. I am really determined to do this but am finding it quite difficult and am scared I will fail. Your advice is sooo helpful though and I will take 1 day at a time. So much want to not smoke average but at the same time I really miss standing outside in the cold and dark getting soaked while making myself feel ill by smoking haha

Hidden in reply to Slypuss

Just do it !!! 🙂If you feel is súper I difucult to start ... then check all the new ways to quit now

Science and technology are ready to help ..nic withdraw medication , nic replacement ,hipnotherapy ,vape or just cold turkey ..

Quit your way !!

laura61 Year Smoke Free

Welcome and you can do it. Now you have the habit side to deal with. Try to mix up your routine abit to out fox the naughty nic man. Keep busy. Most importantly remember you arent giving up anything. You are gaining back control, wealth and your health. Baby steps just think I wont smoke today. Days turn into weeks. Yes some days will be hard. If you need help or advice pop on here. We are on in the same boat and understand how you feel.

NozmoValued Contributor

Hello Slypuss.....nothing I can really add to what the others have said, just saying hello!

Let us know how it's going. If it's going well - celebrate it. If it's going not-so-well, tell us about it and we'll try to help.


Hows is things today Slypuss ?

Slypuss1 Year Smoke Free

Been travelling by train all day so can't smoke anyway but been a little better than yesterday. Had the urge to buy pack and have a smoke before train but managed to beat it off

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Slypuss

Good to read Slypuss - you are doing great :) Nearly at your first massive milestone of 1 week - time will begin to go a bit quicker, next thing you will 1 month, then months..... continue to keep that guard up and ready to attack at all times which will get easier with cravings being less severe and frequent, I promise :)

Jared01Valued Contributor

Well done Slypuss, I too stopped cold turkey 2 years ago there on New Years Day, best thing I have done and wish I done it years ago. Take on board all the above advice especially interacting here as support, advice and encouragement is vital in our journeys and we are all on the same roller coaster carriage, scary stuff at the start but we get used to it as we get stronger....


hi Slypuss

welcome to our little family,

you have chosen to do a great thing,its not easy but you can do this.

its great when there are no smoking near you,but you will face it,

If possible avoid routine,try different things to your normal routine,

smoking has a routine,its probably run your /our life.we just didn't realise,

you can do this,

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


Hey Slypuss - 1 week today, hope things are continuing to go ok for you?

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