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2 weeks cold Turkey now

Elizabeth29651 Month Smoke Free

Been 2 weeks without smoking. But have now developed a thick secretion at the back of my nose that I can only shift by swallowing.. I turn that makes me vomit. Sorry for disgusting post but is this normal

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Rjg45500 Days Smoke Free

Your doing well , keep it up , then weeks suddenly become months ! We have different things going on and all depending on how much you smoked and for how long ..

if your not comfortable about something then go see your gp and get checked over ..

Smoking masks pretty much everything, so when you stop , things like sore throats to a runny nose , aches and pains etc all come out ..

Just stay off the horrible cigs ... 👍😎

Murphy201950 Days Smoke Free

I think each person is individual in their varied physical and emotional responses to quiting smoking ... secretions of this kind would be associated with the respiratory system ... have you tried cutting down on mucus forming foods like lactose and sugar... ? There is a herbal concoction and it is amazing at fixing anything to do with lung disharmony. Good luck.


Hey Elizabeth2965 - over 1 month now smoke free, how is things now?

The mucous is perfectly normal at the early stage of our journeys and a good sign that our lungs are clearing out. It can be quite scary when we develop this (I had it bad and coughed up a lot of the black tar and something I never ever want to go through again).

A spoonful of raw honey (jar honey will work grand too) every morning and evening will assist with the cleansing and clearing out of your lungs - I still do it and will be 4 years smoke free in September. Also, try to vaporize with Eucalyptus oil a couple of times a week to clear the airwaves.

Elizabeth29651 Month Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Hi. Thank you for all your advise. I'm still smoke free. The mucus is starting to subside slowly ( thank god. It's horrible). My energy levels have increased which is good coz I'm not getting any younger. I feel amazing. Very few cravings for a cig. But when I do get a craving I just find something else to focus on. It's not easy but not as hard as I expected it to be. But again thank you for all advise

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Elizabeth2965

How are you getting on now Elizabeth2965

Elizabeth29651 Month Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Hi. I'm doing really well. Am still smoke free and enjoying increased levels of energy. However my tastes are changing. This I'm finding difficult as I usually love my cups of tea but am not so keen on it now. And some foods o used to eat dont taste the same so now experimenting with my diet. But all in all I'm doing well. I dont have any cravings anymore which is a massive bonus and of course saving money too

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Elizabeth2965

Great to read Elizabeth2965 - aww the new found taste and smell, I found that spicy food sent my taste buds wild since I stopped as could really taste good food again. Surprised some things don't taste as good for you as for me, everything tasted so much better and smells too, summer, winter, bbqs, first lawn cut, flowers, list is endless but there is also the downside of the bad odours ya come across too, nasty!! :D

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