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Hi Folks,

I had a cigarette this morning. Had just left Mums dog at the vet and not expecting her to come home. Mum was smoking and I was in floods of tears and stupidly thought one would help. I came home and put my patch straight on. Any chance I could keep going with my number of days quit? I really don't want to have to go back to day one :(

Such a sad day. I am not going to go and say goodbye when Mum gets the call as I keep getting too upset and my Mum has enough to worry about. My brother who lives with her will go.

I have a horrible smell in my sinuses and a headache now so I don't want to smoke again.


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Aww debsmcphee, so sorry to hear about your your pet - I've been there and it's heartbreaking. Anyone who says "it's only a pet" are no animal lovers like us.

Don't beat yourself up too much about one cigarette and let it ruin your quit - we all have blips and good/bad days, just hang onto the number of days that you didn't smoke. The fact that you know that you don't want another one now may have been your minds way of saying "just have one" - just to show you how bloody awful them things are.

If it's any consolation, I had a touch of the 'icky threes' this weekend but managed to get the thoughts out of my head and not give in. My partner still smokes and I hate smelling on on him so much that I now sleep in the spare room lol!

I know it's difficult at the moment but try and take your mind off things and surround yourself with nice smelling things... candles, bubble bath, creams, perfumes, anything and every time you feel the need to give in, smell a right good nostril full of the nice smells and remind yourself how good you smell now, compared to before.

Sending big hugs to you and your Mum - please let us know later/tomorrow that you are ok.

Keep in touch (and well done for posting honestly).

Mel x :)


Thanks Mel, that made me cry but it in a nice way. I am OK and looking forward to picking Molly up in an hour (she's had a reprieve for a wee while). Will try not to cry all over the vet receptionist this time.

I went for a walk at lunchtime (luckily get to work from home a couple of days a week) and really noticed how much easier I am finding it and my legs were tired before my lungs which is a great improvement!

I forgot about the icky threes! I was 3 weeks on Saturday so I guess I should be on the alert. I hope you are feeling better about your quit today. Extra special well done for quitting when your hubby smokes. xxx


Thanks for letting us know you are ok - and please don't cry :(

You are doing really well with all the things going on around you, be proud of the three weeks you achieved and forget about the 5 minute 'blip' it is insignificant to the amount of hours and days that you have done so well and been so strong! Please remember that.

My partner keeps saying he wants to give up but is showing no signs of stopping - I am hoping that if he sees me achieve it, ithis will spur him on but we will see... we both know that unless you want to quit yourself, no matter how many adverts and horrible pictures they show you, people still carry on regardless.

Anyway, just wanted you to get that very little spell out of your mind and carry on strong, like you have done this far.

Best of luck hun and post as often as you need to - I'm off work this week so I'll be around to listen.

Mel 👍💖


Hi Mel, thanks so much for your message. I've been offline since Molly was put to sleep and spending some nice time with my Mum, she's off work with her heart at the moment but is keeping well so I had her out for dinner and took her shopping (she loves charity shops).

I have not smoked any more and really pleased. Wish I hadn't had that one but hey ho, can't change it now.

I hope you enjoyed your week off work. Did you do anything nice? How is your quit going?

Fingers crossed that your husband is inspired but yeah he'll do it when he is ready. xx


Hi debsmcphee - good to hear from you and so sorry for your loss - I've been there and it's awful.

Well done on staying smoke free!!

I had a restful, in other words BORING :) week off but it was good not to have to wake up to an alarm clock.

I was a little worried, as it was my first week at home without the ciggies, but I did ok, apart from a mini meltdown on Friday where my boyfriend 'copped' for it a bit. Oh well, he still smokes so he deserves it ha ha!!

Today is my 4 weeks free celebration (post to follow shortly) and I am back at work. never mind, you can't have it all I suppose.

I am booking a holiday to Portugal in May and treating myself to a new (used) car in June so I have my calendar of treats well and truly packed!!

Anyway, enough about me, you take care and I look forward to reading your new posts about your quit soon.

Mel :D xx


I have yet not met one person who isn't deeply upset about the loss of a pet, like any family member your emotions are raw for that moment in time,

Your doing remarkably well, don't give another thought about having a smoke ( it's a blip and nothing else) like being on a diet and having a bit of chocolate, one bit of choccie, doesn't make you a. Chocoholic. You've put your patch on, that in its self shows your determined, so a huge well done to you.

Just keep going doing great

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Hi Tracey thanks so much and to Mel too. Such lovely messages. The dog is like bloody Harold Bishop keep thinking she is going and now she is getting home! Not sure how long she will have as they have found something wrong with her liver but my Mum will be really happy to have her at home. Now I just need to go to the vet and not cry when picking her up. shes a big dog so needs both of us to lift her into the car.

I really appreciate both of your lovely understanding messages. they mean a lot.

I WILL NOT SMOKE WHEN WE COLLECT HER! There I've said it so I have to stick to it :)


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Hey debsmcphee , sorry to read of the ill health of your Mams / your dog. Wishing him a full recovery.

With regards relapsing and smoking, I would strongly suggest that you re-start your quit date - if you don't restart, it will be very easy for you to relapse again (with the mindset, one won't matter when dealing with stress).

Please forget about the relapse and be strong that you will never let it happen again, you know what triggered it. You were strong and brave enough to share the relapse with us and the fact you questioned re-starting, you have really answered it yourself. But you are the only that can answer it as it is your quit.

If you decide to re-start from Day 1, can you let me know your new quit date for your milestone badges, if not, unfortunately, I will have to remove your current badge

I don't want to be harsh and but I have seen it from previous members not re-starting and are no longer here as they continued to relapse.


Hows things debsmcphee ? Hope you are ok?


Hello, sorry took a few days off work and stayed off the laptop. Molly passed away on Wednesday. Really sad day, still very sad and my Mum is missing her loads. I'm so pleased that she isn't in pain anymore but also really p'd off that she went so young and didn't get to live a long life with my Mum and Bro and all of us who loved her.

I didn't smoke. I spent most of last week and the weekend with my Mum and she went outside to smoke so I wouldn't be tempted. Feeling good about my quit and glad I haven't smoked. I just kept thinking about the advice from you guys and the thought of starting a quit again really put me off. I am sleeping so much better, I wake up earlier (also thanks to my hungry cat!) and feel better in general so that's really motivating.

Thanks so much for asking, it really means a lot xxxx


Debs... Ja, crazy how this strong drug play with our minds... How can we believe it can ease our pain if it actually eventually will kill us...????

Can I tell you my story, Our Pet dog"Gabriella'' (Arch Angel Gabriella "has a loving feminine energy and nurtures all those who ask for help") died with Female parts Cancer early January...We called her Gabby and she never had pups and died as a virgin but we had few wild deer(Duikers is a small antelope) raised by by Gabby and she came in milk when this little fragile animals needed the nursing... She was a big dog Bulmastiff Labrador X. (55 kg) She never harmed anybody or anything ...Our free roaming Chickens walked over her to reach for her food bucket...

When the Vet said nothing can be done and he needed to put her out I begged to do it myself. I took her home because that was the only place she knew and me and my wife sat with her until 04h00 the next morning and when I saw the pain is to much I gave the injection and she passed peacefully.

She was our Gardian Angel for ten years, ( I smuggled her into Mozambique as a puppy)

The moral of this experience is that not once I thought that a cigarrete will ease my inner pain I felt that night..I cried with my wife and burried her in the den where her three Duiker she nursed is living ...

So.. you need to jump back on the non smoking wagon and go for it....remembering smoking kills and make you stink and does not ease the inner pain...Strongs !!!


Thanks so much for sharing your story Hercu. Gabby sounds really lovely and I love the story of her raising the deer! What a sweetheart. I am so sorry you lost her but she sounds like she gave you a wonderful ten years of friendship.

My Mum's friend lost her bullmastiff recently and he was the sweetest dog I have ever met and so gentle. They are lovely animals. She now has a mastiff x ridgeback who also has a lovely nature but it huge and she is in her 70's :)

Thanks I am so pleased I didn't smoke more than that one cigarette and I really regret even having that one. x

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hi debsmcphee

I am so sorry I missed this.

I was around but not enough

I know about the loss of a best friend.its truly heartbreaking.

once again.I'm sorry I missed this post.

take care.hope your all a bit better now

take care

you know smoking would not have helped.

we don't need them.were stronger than that 😁

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