Big Slip

Hi Folks, feeling very disappointed with myself. I smoked 14 cigs in 24 hours as I had a funeral of my best friends Dad and my Mum dog was very ill in the vets. I know those are excuses and I managed fine after my Mum being very ill the week before. I was really upset about everything and worried the upset with the dog would make my mums heart go again but really I was just looking for a way to cope with the emotions. the cigarettes changed nothing really apart from setting me back.

I guess I need to start my quit again so my date was Saturday 11th.

I'm a bit disheartened if I am honest but I don't want to do that again so onwards and upwards.


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  • Well done debsmcphee - you have been brave to come on to share with us you had a slip. Its good that you feel disheartened and disappointed, it shows you care, want to quit badly and want to succeed.

    You are back on the horse now and have your 3 days over you and know what you have to do, starting your quit again shows the determination to make this one the solid quit.

    Stay close to us and post anytime you need to :)

  • hi debsmcphee

    family and pets.πŸ˜’

    its not the end of the world (been there.done that )

    but you got straight back up 😁 good on you girl 😁

    you will will remember that smoking didn't help you at all.

    things in life can be hard.can push you to the end,

    but you can do this.

    never stop trying 😣

    that indeed is when you fail 😁

    I lost my dog many months ago mow and I miss him so much.(I know you still got dog )

    its so hard.

    you take care 😊

    do keep kicking 😎

  • So sorry to hear about your dog Thinlizzy54. It really is like losing a family member. Dogs are so special. Mum's dog has a long way to go as she needs 2 hip replacements but we are hoping that she is a candidate for the surgery as she is lovely and my Mums best mate xxx

  • my baby was like my 4th child ha ha

    cant face getting another dog.cant even think of it πŸ˜’ (2years )

    one day maybe.,😁

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • That's like my Mum, we are all grown up now so she needs something to baby and Molly laps it up :)

    We still miss my Mums last dog after 3 years, I don't think they ever leave you. I'm sure if you do decide to get another dog down the line they will be very lucky.

    You too :)

  • it would be a rescue dog.we had Sam.found in Bin...lived untill 16.she had pups kept beau,he lived to be 19.( longer)

    we had Tyson taken from a idiot who was starving dogs and all puppies were dying.tyson took a lot of vets/work/love and ge lived to be 13 going on 14.very good age for a Rottweiler sorry.

    going on.

    take care 😊

  • Wow you have very long lived dogs, thats brilliant. Mums is a rescue cross Malamute Shepherd with lots of health issues which is a shame but very loving. Her family handed her into Dogs trust after she nipped someone but it turns out she was in a lot of pain and with the right vet treatment is perfect.

    That's heartbreaking about Tyson but you obviously did a great job with him. My friend has a 2/3 year old Rottie so she will love to hear how long he lived. Beautiful big dogs.

    Our family dog growing up was a mongrel and lived to 13 (sadly had cancer) and she was the smartest dog I have ever met. could open doors with the handles and was even known to sneak food out of the fridge and close the door again lol.

    I have a cat Chester (who is 12 and going strong) as my working hours wouldn't allow for a dog and I love him to bits but miss walking a dog. I borrow my Mums and sisters though which is great.

    I could talk about pets all day but I really should do some work haha

  • ha ha 😊

    ok.take care 😊

  • Hello there! Sounds like things have been tough for you and I am sorry to hear this.

    Good on you for getting back on the wagon. I've fallen off a few times myself so I know how it feels. Don't worry about it. Put it behind you.

    Good to have you back with us. πŸ˜ƒ

  • It's so torrid when these huge waves of difficulty happen, and of course it's quite natural to revert back to what we know. (Smoking). But don't look back, you've picked yourself up stood tall and started again, great news.

    For many including me, have a few failed quits in the back of our minds.

    It's a moment in time it will pass.

    Doing fantastic, just keep going

  • Been there myself debsmcphee it's easily done, especially under the circumstances. It's best to just get on with it and try again. Don't beat yourself up about it.

  • Dont worry debsmcphee - every failed quit is one step closer to a successful one! I tried a few times before it worked. Persevere and keep reading up on addiction!

  • Thanks so much everyone. I really appreciate your replies and advice. I am still smoke free and determined to remind myself at hard times that smoking won't help. I'm worrying about coming off the patches as my mood is terrible without them but I am going to wean myself off carefully and would love to be nicotine free for the summer. I am turning 40 next month and I want to be healthy in my 40's.

    Thanks again folks, this team of people is lovely. xxxx

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