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Day 8 on champix

Neli1 Year Smoke Free

HI guys, just joined your group. think im gonna need all the help i can get. i dont know why i'm forcing myself to go for that smoke. maybe its because my quit day is coming closer and closer. but i must say, the only pleasure i get is on the first 2 drags, after that, i dont want. but the difficult part is the not going for a smoke totally. i dont know.

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hi Neli

you are thinking to much and stressing on your stop date.

get busy.get your mind busy 😁

don't think of what your giving up 😒

think of what you will gain 😁

sunshine holidays with family 😁

better health 😁

kids that wont want to smoke 😁😁

its well worth it 😁 its not easy 😒

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

HercuValued Contributor

Hi Neli...Nice to have a fellow South African with us.. were winter is winter and sunshine is 35 Deg +......(and I am not being biased now)...

Neli this forum helped me tremendously on my Champix induced quitting journey and we became a true brother and sisterhood although worlds apart our ''suffering'' and joy's was/ were and is the same...

Thank you for joining and with the use of Champix you should be able to stop by day 12 or 14... I came down from 60 to 0 in 12 days for the same tasted like crap..... but the habit was still there..!!

You have got all the support you will need from all over the globe... Strongs !!!

mushenValued Contributor

Hello and welcome.

I have to say, that for me, the fear of not smoking was almost worse than not smoking itself. The 'I am not going to be able to smoke' train of thought really was the hardest part. It was almost like a fear of not being able to do things that I did when I smoked. Worry not. Such feelings pass. It's a learning curve. Try not to worry about it and just take each day or hour as it comes. It can be done.

Support is vital especially in the early days, so post as often as you need to. We are all here, all at different stages and have all used different methods. There is always somebody around to offer advice if you need it.

Good luck. You've got this. 😎

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