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Sudden cravings?!

So here I am on day 50 and out of nowhere I've been getting strong cravings again! To the point where I have been breathing in the smell on purpose when walking past smokers! I don't want to smoke, and I'm proud of myself for managing 50 days, but all I can think about is that nice relaxing feeling of bringing the cigarette to my lips and inhaling then breathing out a lovely long line of smoke 😞🤐🙊🙈

I don't know if it's just psychological as it's the action I feel I'm really missing the most but I do randomly and suddenly really enjoy the smell again, even after I didn't! In fact I hated the smell until recently!

On a more positive note though, the fatigue has gone. Lol that's all I can think of! I honestly don't feel better physically or health wise.

Sorry for the negative post today!

Was wondering if it might be down to stopping NRT but that was 3 weeks ago now...

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Hiya Kelly,

I got these, seemingly out of nowhere; for months! It will probably disappear soon and you'll be back to normal.

I had bad cravings for a few days last year when the weather got warmer. Lots of things trigger it off.

That fantasy smoke will be nothing like you think it will be either. I've given in after a couple of months before and the first one tastes horrible and makes your head spin. Strange thing is I persevered until it tasted alright again...I'm mental. 😀

Don't apologise for a negative post - you're being honest!


Thank you, that's reassuring to know! I think you are right about lots of things being triggers, probably subconsciously too. I suppose when you have smoked for so long, pretty much everything in life is going to have some association with having a fag! "I'll just have a fag then I'll do the washing up" or "I'll do such and such then have a fag" like a reward or something to just work around.

I know- haha I didn't smoke for a few days once when I was ill, and remember the first one tasting like c**p and feeling sick but I persevered and got myself back on them 😳

Thanks again!

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Hey Kelly-86 - no need to apologize, this is what our community is here for, through good days and bad days - you are currently undergoing the complacency stage which usually occurs when we reach a certain time period or milestone - for me it hit on the day I was 6 months quit - Mr Nico tried desperately to get me back with 'the one won't hurt' trap and 'after 6 months without him, you deserve one' trick thankfully I didn't take him for that one night stand!! I couldn't believe I was having these complacency cravings but they do pass in a few days, just keep reminding yourself why you quit and how horrendous you felt smoking and the first few days of quitting, keep busy and above all BELIEVE you can fight this, I promise, you can....

Post anytime you need to, there is someone always around :)

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Thank you, I was really suprised to be feeling like this so I'm reassured that it's quite normal! Wasn't expecting it, and I definitely have been thinking "just the one won't hurt"

I was sat in my car outside the shop thinking I'll just nip in and get 10, I probably won't even smoke them, I'll just smell them! Snapped myself out of it luckily and couldn't bring myself to! I just bought a can of Pepsi and a snickers! Haha I'm going to get fat! Oh well!

Thanks, I am on here quite a lot, just reading others posts and it's a big support to me!

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These complacency cravings will be random and just come out of the blue which you now know and have to be on your guard at all times, another thing to be prepared for is the seasonal changes that bring on nostalgic cravings, first evening sitting out having a cold beer or glass of wine in warm sunshine, after mowing the lawn and all the other things you would associate smoking and summer - once you get over it the first craving of it you won't have it again 8-)


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