Does smoking alter your personality? Help

Well what it is.... I quit smoking over a year ago and I'm starting to think that it's changed my personality. Not in a good way either. I don't want to smoke again but I'm struggling to cope with my stress without them. I'm irritable still and become angry really easily. Before if anything annoyed me or I was upset ect I would go for a cigarette but now I have nothing and I really don't know what to do. I push people away and can be real nasty towards them it's like I need a stress reliever and cigarettes was that for me. Breathing exercises doesn't work and I'm irritated most of the time.... help

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  • xxxxkerriexxxx First off congratulations on a year of not smoking!!🎉🎉whoop whoop!!🍾

    I can totally relate to this post 😬

    I'm very irritable and at times really hard to get along with. The breathing exercises do work in some cases but rarely.

    I'm finding tho the better I feel about myself comes out in my attitude. I'm trying really hard to be active, walking, running and working out. If I have a positive mind then it will come through in my everyday. I'm trying to remain positive even when I'm not feeling it.

    Stress is difficult for anyone to deal with but as an ex smoker it appears harder for sure. Maybe some motivational quotes and positive thinking to try and get you through.

    Good luck

    Stay strong


  • Ive come to the same sort conclusion i get very grouchy some days but i think its just life.also you got remember why we have quit smoking and all the benifits of stopping.ive gone through lots of differant mood swings since i quit ive been mr angry for a few weeks then im emotional then im really happy,then i have a few days were im irritable.but i no its worth it because smoking causes alot misery in the long run a few of my relatives have copd and thats not a very nice disease to get.anyway give yourself a big pat on the back,going over a year without smoking is a great achievement😆😆

  • Thanks guys means a lot, I know I've done well after 16 years of smoking I went cold turkey but I was a much nicer person when I smoked 😢 Awful to say, I'll just keep trying to be positive and hopefully everything will improve

  • Im not sure if i was nicer when i smoked.i no it took up alot of my thinking time.i remember taking my 4 year old son football training in a sports hall an instead of solely concerntrating on him i kept thinking i need a cig,should i nip out for one,will he notice ive gone.very selfish of me.and the same taking him swimming my mind on my next smoke.well im so happy them days smoking are behind me.😆

  • xxxx...Yes, it does happen and we are the lucky ones that become grumpy...Some people get seriously depressed..... because the brain is rewired to except nicotine as the only substance to get the dopamine flowing... Dopamine being our happy chemical or reward chemical is what causes our moods...Thus no cigarette no happy chemical and we are grumpy...That is why it is so important to reward yourself as to retrain the brain to release dopamine without having that nicotine fix.... (Some people reward themselves with eating..gambling... alcohol....even sex)

    Some researchers found that 15 + years smoking caused serious damage to our dopamine pathways..Well I smoked 38 years and excepted that fact and that is why I looked for herbal supplements and ...Walla.. back to old me ...The scars is there and I will certainly never be a 25 year old stud again but I will live my golden years without an oxygen tank and make my own happiness...Without a cigarette....!!!

  • I thought this. Apparently though, I'm much nicer as a non smoker. I love the fact I dont have to plan my life around smoking anymore. Everytime I do something that would have been impeded by my need to smoke I really enjoy it. Day out at the zoo with the kids, would of wanted to leave early so I can sneak off for a fag, go to the park, come home early so I can sneak of for a fag. Going on holiday, Ahhhhh, long car trip, out all day every day with the kids, in places I couldn't sneak off. Now o do all those things and I am not ruled by smoking. It's blinking fantastic!

  • Hi kerrie, first of all very well done in staying smoke free for so long.

    I too share the same experience, I think it comes in phases, I'm waiting for this one to just pass

    ... I'm going through the same phase now where I'm having a very hard time dealing with the daily life routine without resuming to my old habit of just go out for a quick fix although realistically I know a cigarette is not going to do any good anways.

    I reached complete peace of mind for months and was happy out between 3 and 9 months, since maybe around 9 and half months it started hunting me again and I'm having a hard time, it's all cravings at all, just just constant thought

    ... We need to stay resolute and strong because it is a phase, and the ultimate goal is to stay smoke free.

    It's very frustrating and I speak for myself I'm about to give up!

    We need to stay strong and beat this monster once and for all!


  • Congrats on a year!

    I also can relate. Wish I had some words of wisdom. I agree with Hercu about the dopamine, great advice! Unfortunately the supplements helped but they weren't enough for me as I was crying off and on throughout the day. I started taking antidepressants about 2 weeks ago. They seem to be helping. I don't have many cravings to smoke I just want to feel normal again.

  • Thinlizzy54 your not alone...I take citalapram also. I have used it before for panic and anxiety, I've never dealt with depression before. Don't give up, we have done so well with quitting, huge accomplishment! Smoking will make us feel worse, mentally and physically ❤️

  • Harkut

    I'm takeing my post down.its made me miserable and even lower.

    it will be ok

  • I'm sorry, I hope I didn't add to it??

  • no.not at all.

    take care 😊

  • You too ❤️

  • Hey Thinlizzy54 & Harkut, hope ye are doing ok? Wishing you both strength.....

  • Thank you RoisinO1, doing fine. Just some days are... 😳

    Glad to hear you had a great time! ❤️

  • Welcome xxxxkerriexxxx to our community - congratulations on over 1 year smoke free!

    I am currently almost 11 months smoke free and it has been the opposite with me, I can actually deal with stress alot more calmly since I quit. I think it does have to do with your way of thinking about smoking and life situations. Allen Carr has a great way for getting across the mind games with addiction.

    I think reading up as much as you can to understand, healthy lifestyle (eating well, getting enough sleep and bit of exercise is vital even for never smokers....).

    It is great to have you here with us and post as often as you need to just to have a chat and too to give your advice and experience for us quitters :)

  • Hey xxxxkerriexxxx , how are you getting on?

  • Hey I'm still of smoking but still struggling to control the stress levels and moods sometimes 😟

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