2 calendar months

It's two calendar months today since I made the best decision I've ever made - to quit smoking.  I've had my ups and downs have survived social events, bbqs and alfresco lifestyle etc, family squabbles, court attendance, stress and worry all of which I believed that I could not cope with without reaching for my ciggies, how wrong I was. To the contrary I have found life more enjoyable and less stressful without having to worry about when I could have a smoke.  I don't smell of smoke anymore, I certainly have more money to spend on much nicer things and more time to do things I enjoy especially playing with my little grandson, without having to keep going out for a smoke.  I am full of cold just now and feeling ill but I'm certain I would have been worse if I'd still been smoking. 

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  • awesome post Jean and I am so glad for you to acknowledge that there is more pro's than con's in this quit thing !!!! The secret is consistency !!

    “Change must always be balanced with some degree of consistency.”Ron D. Burton

  • Congratulations on your 2 months Abuelajeannie it is lovely to be a non smoker isn't it :)

  • Congratulations on 2 months quit!  Your so right - if you were still smoking you'd likely have a chest infection to go with your cold.  Hope you feel better soon!

  • Great post Jean. 2 months is a massive achievement. Completely agree with all of the upsides you describe - my 2 calendar months is a week or so away and I feel so much better than I did previously

  • Huge congratulations Abuelajeannie, I am thrilled for you and are really nailing your quit.   Keep it up!  :)

  • You've come a long way Jean, and you're reaping the benefits. Good for you!

    Hope the cold gets better soon.

  • It's good work Jeannie. I've just hit the one week mark and can say, without a shadow of a doubt, to get through where I am and get where you are with booze, bbqs, and court is a fantastic achievement!

    Hope I can replicate what you're doing (without going to court, obviously :-) )

  • Huge congratulations Absinthe on your first huge milestone of 1 Week.   Very well done, celebrate and be proud as it some achievement and don't forget to treat yourself :)

  • I am currently celebrating with my 7th pint of Tiger (for which I have composed a poem), and intend to treat myself to a Samsung VR headset which I will use to watch films on the plane over to Cardiff tomorrow.

    Tiger, Tiger, fizzy sh**e,

    You're a bit of gassy beer,

    But I think you're alright.

  • may William Blake forgive me.

  • Ah enjoy!  Glorious day here in Ireland, sun is splitting the stones, can't wait to finish here and get home to sit out and have a few beers.... 8-)

    PS Make sure to keep that guard up after the 8th beer ;)

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