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😩😮🤯👀🧠Complacency, Milestone and Sudden Out of the blue Cravings 😩😮🤯👀🧠

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As I head towards 4 years smoke free in September 2019, I am sharing again the out of blue, complacency and milestone cravings that can really knock us back when we encounter them especially when feeling solid and complacent in our smoke free journey. These can occur ANYTIME from 1 month to 10 years unfortunately but the good news is they become less severe and frequent as time passes by and easy to shrug off..... ✊🤛🤞💪

My first one occurred at 1 month, then 3 months, but the worst came along like a ton of bricks at 6 months and 9 months and finally the year. From time to time, I still get the random cravings but only last seconds as my mind can shrug them off quickly now.

It is Mr Nico's final attempts to get you back even if it is for just one brief fling. It did seem very tempting as I have come along way and done so well without him and the thought of just one won't do any harm played over and over in my almost repaired and re-wired heart and mind. I had to be very strong and stand my ground and not give in to his one brief fling. Sometimes he was persistent especially when nostalgic memories came flooding back of different times spent together, a song, a place, a chore, a celebration, a sad time, a stressful time. First Christmas, birthday, funeral, summer (that was a biggie with the first lawn cut, bbq, painting, gardening), holiday etc..... But........ NOPE I repeatedly told him and will continue to do so until he gets the message once and for all, he is never coming back into my life.

As we are recovering addicts, we most likely will have to deal with these for the rest of our lives but it is a small price to pay to be the happiest and healthiest I have been in years.

So, wherever you are on your journey, please beware and never take Mr Nico back, I sure as hell won't..👹

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Phobicmaniac2 Years Smoke Free

Wow, what a post RoisinO1 - as over 2 years too, I can relate to everyone of those out of the blue cravings - especially the passing of seasons and Christmas, thanks for sharing and writing so well, you summed it up perfectly :)

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MadMary086 Months Smoke Free

Very informative and reassuring post and just what I needed to read as I turn 3 months stopped today - very strong cravings this morning and was shocked and disheartened but good to know this is normal and will get easier to deal with it.

Thanks for the badge too, great pick me up today :)

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to MadMary08

Congrats on 3 months Mary, you are doing great!

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NozmoValued Contributor

Spot on Roisin.

Bizarrely enough I had one today, completely out of the blue. I was waiting for my son and wife to finish their fish and chips in a café and I thought, "I'll have a smoke outside while I'm waiting". How the hell did that happen? How did I forget that I've stopped smoking after 22 months? I know I'm a bit mental at times but it really shocked me how I could think that. This whole stopping smoking thing is a weird psychological enigma; that's what it is.

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

I know Nozmo - it is so weird, that last one when I was sitting on the bus and had the very strong thought, "can't wait to get off the bus and have a smoke!" really shocked me. It lingered with me as I walked through the bus depot and got outside and passed the smoking area, thankfully, the stink of the smoke quickly nipped it in the butt!! :D

Hope all is well with you otherwise?

Nozmo profile image
NozmoValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Yes, all good with me thanks. Just out of interest I asked how much a packet of Lambert and Butler was when I was in the shop the other day. I was shocked by the price and then had a chuckle because I'm not paying it anymore. You know I'm a miser!

You alright?

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

Box of 20 here going up to €12.00 in January, was €10.00 when I smoked - serious waste of money in hindsight now.

I'm grand, life throwing me some crap stuff at the moment with family drama and general curve balls, hopefully will settle down soon :(

Nozmo profile image
NozmoValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Glad to hear you're OK. Life's always doing that sort of stuff, hope it settles down soon.

Good luck against the Danes on Tuesday...I reckon you'll do it. Goes without saying I'm not enjoying my football too much this season. :-)

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

Think the whole of Ireland would be ecstatic if we get through and be heading off to Russia, fingers crossed :O

Didn't want to say but you never know after this season they could back next year and do a Leicester!!

Nozmo profile image
NozmoValued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Sorry Roisin, not the result you hoped for, commiserations on not getting through. It just shows that you should never listen to any of my football predictions...ever! This is why I have only ever won 1 football bet at the bookies in my life.

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Nozmo

Thanks Nozmo , just posted in Alynn's post....

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miranda451 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

box of 40 in australia is 40 dollar

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TLJ019 Months Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

I am only day 4.5 into quitting (still standing strong) and i also get it often where i think, ill do something and then have a smoke after, so as if i didn't quit 4.5 days ago. Strangest feeling, having to convince yourself again that you quit!

Well done to all of you with your amazing progress and accomplishments, i hope i can get to the Year marks as well.

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to TLJ01

TLJ01 Once you get your first month over you, time really does fly by. My hubby after 4 and a half years smoke free, was cleaning the windows and after said, 'God, I'd love a smoke now!' Think it was the first time he done the windows since he stopped, once you get over that situation smoke free for the first time, it easier the next :)

TLJ01 profile image
TLJ019 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks Roisin, yes, i guess you just have to tackle each surprise craving on its own as they pop up. My biggest one is gardening, as i used to spend spring time (now) in the garden planting flowers etc and enjoying a smoke, so i think that will be a hard one for me also. But, i will push through, i have come t his far, not going to give up now!!!

Hercu profile image
HercuValued Contributor

Still speachless and in schock after the humiliating Rugby defeat an Irish girl must come and wipe more salt in the wounds with such a spot on true post..

Thank you Roisin...Yes, Complancency is the most dangerous phase of this whole quit thing !!

(Glad I am not smoking because I would have charred my lungs during that 80 minutes agony ......!!!!!!!!)

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Hercu

Ah Hercu, didn't get a chance to watch it yesterday but couldn't get over the full-time score - great start to Ireland's season, hopefully the boys in green do just as well in the soccer world cup qualifier second leg against Denmark on Tuesday....

Aoibheann75 profile image
Aoibheann751 Year Smoke Free

Great post RoisinO1 - shortly after reaching my 6 month milestone at the beginning of the month, I got out of the blue strong cravings that were pretty intense for about a week - I agree it does seem to be the complacency when you think you have come so far, 'just the one' won't matter but off course Mr Nico will have you wrapped around our own fingers again in no time!!

Thanks for putting this up as got anxious about having these cravings 6 months on :)

Beatit profile image
Beatit500 Days Smoke Free

Excellent post Roisin, those complacency cravings were a terror, really knock you for six when they happen, I was so shocked and disheartened but thankfully made me stronger

Exfirecracker profile image
Exfirecracker9 Months Smoke Free

Good to know and prepare myself Roisin - will be 6 months in December, cravings are alot less now but will keep my guard up ;)

Thanks for the insight ... I'm at the 6 month mark and there isn't a day goes by without me thinking about smoking. The cravings aren't terrible but the thoughts always linger. The 'maybe just the one' temptation is strong but down that road madness lies.

All the best for now,


RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Tryingtquit

Good to hear from you George and glad you are plodding along :)

RoisinO1 profile image

Welcome to the penthouse and congratulations on 1 year Hidden - hope you are keeping well?

Very good to know tomes ahead pf time.

Roisin i think this is one of the first posts i read when i joined here.

Didn't pay much attention bc i knew id never make it to any of those marks anyway. Lo & behold, with you , Nozmo, Hercu& (tho not on this thread but very envouraging) Thinlizzy, I will be at 4months!

When I read this the second time i still didn't know any of you well enough to feel confident you cared that much. Thought you were all friends from the past and that was that. I hadn't quit back when y'all had.

Now i can say without doubt, to anyone else reading this first time, these people will help you through it all.

I would not be here without all the time you have put into this site I soo "wanted" a fag at 3months and it was this post that got me through it. I intend to be looking for it around 6 & 9 months also. Hope it stays close to top of pinned posts

Again so grateful for you!!! Thanks for helping me stay smoke free. Am finally ...beginning to think ...possibly ...this is going to last. Only afraid am going to jinx myself by saying it. Ha!

helpmequit profile image
helpmequit2 Years Smoke Free

Great post. I will try to remember your wise words when I'm feeling vulnerable or weak. Thank you :-)

Lanark profile image
LanarkValued Contributor

Them wee cravings just pass by though. Never pay them any heed or mind them. Think of something else for a few seconds and they are gone.

Quit4Money profile image
Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free

Thanks for this, Roisin

Mummymonster profile image
Mummymonster100 Days Smoke Free

This is a pearler

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Mummymonster

Welcome Mummymonster, never heard the phrase 'pearler', presume it is a good thing! :)

Have you stopped smoking, if so, how are you getting on?

Mummymonster profile image
Mummymonster100 Days Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Pearled is a good thing, but think it might just be something we say in our family. Sorry. I have stopped smoking for 8 weeks , and the rest of my life💇🏾😀

RoisinO1 profile image
RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Mummymonster

Nothing to be sorry for Mummymonster - where are you from? I'm from Ireland....

Huge congratulations on 8 weeks smoke free, well done - can you confirm your stop date for your milestone badges when you get a chance...

You appear to have a positive attitude which will stand to you, keep it up!

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