What is the difference between withdrawal and cravings?

I'm in a yo-yo pattern and trying to figure out why. Since the middle of January I have been fiddling around trying to quit. High dose patches left large irritations but found the 7mg was bearable but around day 5 to 7 my mind demanded a cig that I just couldn't shake so gave in. Regained my resolved, restarted and the same thing happened. Next I tried cold turkey twice. It works until around day 3 to 5 and then I get the mind thing again. I can handle the first few days of withdrawal symptoms but then the feelings change and my resolve goes out the window. Do you have suggestions? I've also tried telling friends about my quit but it seems like as soon as I do, I end up having a cig.

I want to quit and part of the want is due to a new job where it's literally impossible to smoke during the day. I like knowing I don't stink and my sinuses and lungs feel great. It this last issue that I need help on getting past.

You guys are amazing. I read your posts every day for support to keep trying!

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  • Hi there . Glad to hear that you keep trying even after a relapse. Thats all we can do is keep trying.

    I am on day 13 since i smoked. I have no plans of returning to being a smoker. I like the smoke free life. Even though right now I have a cough and cold , figures right ? 😃 but i know one of the things I do when a craving hits is to keep imagiing How sick I was and how sick cigs make me actually feel. That helps me. I been using the 21mg patch and a vape pen that has no Nicotine in it to help with that hand to mouth thing. This is truly 1 of the most difficult things that i ever had to do. But i look Around and notice people that dont smoke rather than people that do. I want to be healthy and meet Grandchildren someday. I want to be here for my 4 daughters etx etc.

    Think of those things when you want to smoke. It helps to remember why your Doing this . It does for me. Keep going and don't ever give up!


  • And difference between withdrawals and cravings is withdrawal is the physically need for something and craving is the mental need for something.

    Hope that helps 😊

  • Thank you for the encouragement. Have you had any problems with the patches leaving large red itchy marks for days? It's been 2 weeks since I last used a patch and they still itch. I really liked the patch - it gave a nice calm feeling until I took it off and the itching started.

  • Ive had some itchyness from the patch but i think i would rather have that then the horrible feeling from nicotine withdrawls 😊 i just change locations of the patch. Its always on my upper arms but I change spots each day. The spot is itchy when I remove the patch. Im on 21 mg now , they suggest 6 weeks for dose, i wonder if changing to 14mg at 4 weeks would be ok. But I dont want to push my luck lol. Im at 2 weeks smoke free today 😄

    Guess we will see

  • Withdrawal is the feeling of emptiness - or missing something - you feel when you don't smoke;

    Craving is the feeling that you could sell your kids for a pack of cigarettes (don't worry, still have my kids 😊)

  • what about vape its only suggestion ive quit using that and have finish date to but its only suggestion

  • Do you know if there is a difference between cap and e-cigs? I tried an e-cig and it seemed like my lips became very tender.

  • I used e-cigs at the beginning of my quit. My lips were a bit tender and my mouth very dry. But I thought it was worth it and drinking extra water helped. So did Listerine (alcohol free). If you used a flavored e-cig it might be the flavor.

    Never heard of a cap.

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