Coming up 3 years

It's a long time since Iv been on this site and so much has changed. I have had to sign up again managed to get the same user name πŸ™‚ and I have been able to find some of my old posts. July 18th is my 3 years celebration since stopping smoking. I looked at my app tonight what's brought me back, Iv not smoked 18'595 tabs and saved Β£7'386.13p!

All those starting out, keep going it's the best thing I have ever done, aged 35 everything has changed. I can't stand the smell of burning now, bonfires, BBQ etc, while I am around it I'm fine as soon as I go home I have to wash my clothes and hair as it drives me mad. And bore lad when it's wet and someone who's just had a tab sits next to you it's horrendous, I used to smell that bad too 😱 I'm still of the same opinion I'll never smoke again.

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  • This is the first post I have read this morning, and has brought a certain delight to my day. Indeed those stats are quite remarkable, very impressive, giving us all hope and faith to keep pushing on.

    Thankyou for posting a lovely start to my day.

    A huge well done, great news indeed.

  • Hi Angela...That is where I and all of us on this forum want to be and beyond...and is possible..I am coming up for 1 year soon and feel the same when sitting next to a smoker thinking ..did I smell like that for 38 years ???

    Thank you so much for reassuring us that it is possible...

  • Huge congratulations Angela118 and welcome back! 3 years is amazing! I too can so relate to the horrible smell of smoke!

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring quote.

  • Honestly it's hard at times but it gets easier, I still feel strange on holidays it doesn't feel right not having a fag in my hand and a book in another. I don't mind smelling them, sometimes I find it very comforting and other times it makes me feel sickly. But I never ever thought I'd be one of those people who can't stand smells, I'm now like a sniffer dog. Recently I had to go into a smoking home at work and when I came out I could taste the nicotine on my lips, it's very strange but I hated the smell on myself for the rest of the day. If I can help anyone please read my older posts if it will help you, just keep going. Reward yourself each week, I had a mass of pjs at one point. I did save the money, Iv paid for a new bed, a holiday and now a new car! My older user is Hi! I’m nsd_user663_59041 hope this helps anyone doubting themselves, I used to love Richmond Methol Superkings they were my best friends for a long time now I don't even think about them. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thank you Angela118 for a great post. I will read your previous posts later this evening when home from work.

    Will be 8 months smoke free on Thursday and am the best I have been in my quit. Some every day life stressors but getting through them as a non smoker would :)

    In August, I will be going on my first holiday since I quit - going to Vienna for 5 nights for my hubby's 40th, bit anxious but feel I should be strong enough to deal with it!

  • Hi Honestly you will be fine, it will feel strange I won't lie I used to get so excited at airport for duty free now I treat myself to two bottles or gift sets of perfume, the way I look at it I would have spent that on fags anyway. It's just the little things for me sat around the pool but it's habit not the fag itself I just felt a little lost, I hammered the free wifi lol. Well done on 8 months your flying now. I'm sure you will have an amazing holiday and you will be very proud of yourself too.

  • Thanks for the reassuring words Angela.....

  • Angela118 I will say 3 years smoke free one day! Congrats to you and thanks for inspiration!! ❀️

  • Thanks for sharing Angela. Three years off the tabs is a fantastic achievement!

  • Hi Angela,

    WOW three years what an awesome feeling that must be. I was wondering if after so long whether it be sitting chatting on the phone, having a few drinks with friends or going on a holiday do you ever get the urge to have a smoke? Say to yourself I'll just have 1. If so what would you rate the urge from 1 to 10 and 10 being the most needing. I smoked for 35 years and towards the end I was smoking 40 a day. It's now been 6 weeks for me and I haven't smoked 1780 cigarettes and I have saved $1424.

    I'm looking forward to your reply

  • Hi there, well firstly well done you, that's great and keep going. Hmmmm well how do I answer? This last years been very hard emotionally, unfortunately my gran died suddenly while I was with her totally unexpected and then my young brother in law a few days later (rare kidney cancer). I always worried times and news like that I would want a fag and I would start again. Honestly it never crossed my mind once, but I did comfort eat on a scale coming close to the size of north east of England πŸ˜•.

    Drinks what I did early on i changed my drink to beer shandy as I have always been a Fosters kind of girl lol. This helped as I didn't associate fags with the beer shandy like I did Fosters. Once I was confident enough I changed back to Fosters and I'm fine drink wise dissent bother me, I think it helps that all UK it's no smoking in bars now.

    Iv never ever told myself I can have just one and never had the urge too. When I first stopped, I always thought I'll just have one on a night out and stop the rest of the time and I would be ok. Anyone who can do that then great for them, I however could never do that. I stopped and my first day was pure hell, I cried, I felt lost, I grieved, what a clip I was all over fags! So I new that day I'd never ever smoke again, as I know one fag passed my lips that would be it and I'd smoke again. I would never put myself through that again that first day was horrendous! I was on patches for 6months I was really addicted to nicotine big time.

    It will always be with you and it will cross your mind, but at the moment it will always be on your mind. The longer you go the less you think about them as the habit is being broken and I don't even think about them now. Maybe last week a "7" when we were relegated by the SMB ⚽️ πŸ‘ŽπŸ». No Seriously I was at a festival last year first one since stopping, I found it hard as in I felt lost not having one in my hand. I felt a little envious of people sat around in the nice sun, drinking, great bands playing and a fag in their hand. Like I say I was envious but not craving if that makes sense.

    Hope this helps

  • Great reply Angela118 and every word is so true Trem , don't forget the key trait I told you about before, 'Patience', I know it is easier said than done as we so want to be normal again living a ex smoker life, but it is a gradual process, it will get easier every day that passes by, soon you will be saying weeks, then months, sure, I can't believe that today I am 8 months smoke free! Stay strong Jenny, you can do it, I believe and know you can :) Strongs xx

  • SMB here I'm afraid Angela....sorry. Well, Sandancer who supports the SMBs. Don't hold it against me! πŸ™‚

    Great post, I too was a complete clip in the early stages, know exactly what you mean.

  • Ha ha ha, my husband is Sunderland daft too, he's done my head right in. The first day was horrendous it's how I found this site believe it or not, as I thought I was mental for crying so much so I googled and this site came up and I joined. I think it's great for anyone stopping, it's great to pop back and see how everyone is doing.

  • Oh no! Bet you felt like strangling him last week! You can get your own back when we get relegated next season πŸ˜€

    This site is great, best thing I could have done, joining up when I first packed in. Great to hear from somebody who has gone as long as you have, really inspiring. Here's to both of us staying off the tabs!

  • I hear ya Angela118 ,I joined this forum on day 8 as was literally pulling my hair out, just typed in 'Day 8 of quitting' and up it came, has been a godsend! :)

  • 3 years is amazing. Sorry about the whole relegation thing. Everything you have said has been spot on. The early days were a nightmare - I still think I haven't quite got over it and my family all still think that I am a bit mad. In those first few days and even weeks it effects you in every way - physically, emotionally, mentally. This forum seems to be the only thing that keeps you sane. The support you get from people going through the same thing is amazing. There is no way I would have got this far without it. Thanks for coming back and sharing with us all

  • Angela118 I really appreciate the honesty of your answer and I can say it has helped me tremendously to hear from someone so far down the track. I haven't stopped having my beers since I gave up as I felt that would be way to stressful not to have anything. I guess my problem is I'm not a patient person and think well the nicotine is out of my body so that's it I should be able to move on as a non smoker. I guess I have a very long road ahead. Thanks for your honesty and not sugar coating your reply.



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