Another day

11 days cold turkey, only had a few times I really missed smoking today. I do a lot of walking which helps. Started walking in August when I got my Fitbit. That's when I really starting thinking about trying to quit again. Couple of weeks ago I accomplished 250 miles. Hope to do the next 50 nicotine free.

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  • You are doing great Ceil, keep it up!

  • 11 days cold turkey is absolutely brilliant. I am now at 7 months CT and very clearly remember how hard those first few weeks were. You are in the middle of the most difficult part of your journey but it definitely does get easier and is absolutely so worthwhile doing. The exercise will help so keep up the walking! Keep going and stay strong!

  • See Nana? you're almost 2 weeks smoke-free! you cqn do it!

  • I don't know today I really wanted a cigarette. Tomorrow will be day 13, thought it would be getting easier. Thanks for you vote of confidence. 😋

  • No Nana it's just a state of mind. Do anything that would distract you from your cravings. Eat, or go out somewhere, whatever that will shift your focus from your cravings. It will be easier nana, trust me. Those horrible cravings lasts for only a few minutes so hang on. You can do it Nana because I was able to do it too. I don't want you to put your progress into waste. :)

  • Made it 1 more day

  • Really?? Oh yeah that's my Nana haha. I know you can do it. Keep it up, one day at a time. Amazing! ☺

  • Ceil ... it's hard to quit. It takes much will power! You have your very own cheer leader in ChrisLeePH ❤️

    Believe in yourself, it's so worth it in the long run!!



  • Thanks it's day 13. If only I wouldn't have the bathroom issues, it would be so much easier. It's the reason I always failed so many times. Hangin. 😩 Thanks for your messsges.

  • Sorry if this is an invasive question but I'm curious of your comment. Your bathroom issues are the reason your quit has failed in the past? Would you be willing to elaborate?


  • Has always been the reason why I have always went back to smoking. Smoking has always made it easier to go. It is day 16 now, extremely bloated. When I was diagnosed with celiac 10 years ago, my diagnosis saved my health. I was 100 lbs at the time and I was losing about 2 lbs a week. Thought I had cancer but was diagnosed with celiac. Since being gluten free, I feel fantastic except I started with the bowell issues. It's a never ending battle. When I quit smoking everything I used in the past, stops working. Right now the only thing that is working is laxatives. I'm trying differant things, hopefully something will work. I like being a non-smoker.

  • Good luck:)

  • I knew Nana can do it, Putter :) So Ceil, how are you doing? I hope you're still in the game. Just believe in yourself. :)

  • 16 days so far, just taking one day at a time. Thanks for asking, hope you are doing well too.

  • Good to read Ceil, keep us updated :)

  • You're more than half a month smoke-free Ceil! See, before it's only Day 9 but now you're already in Day 16. Hang on a little and you're 3 weeks in your quit. Keep going Nana!

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