Changed one bad habit for another!!!

Oh my goodness nearly 4 weeks and really struggling... annoyingly easy so far but can't stop binging on sugar... and I am ridiculously so... last week I put on 3kg... feel like I've done that in a day today.. I know better to put on a little weight than smoke but I can't cope... I feel like I'm actually out of control???? What is going on..really don't want to go back but don't know what else to do... and to top it all my non smoking husband is just telling me going back to smoking is non negotiable... er like that threat helps!!!!!

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  • Ruby37 I'm struggling as well. Not so much on sugar but it seems one problem after another since I quit smoking. My husband doesn't smoke either so he isn't helpful even when he thinks he is. The only thing stopping me from smoking is I refuse to be beaten or a quitter. Replace the sugar with maybe nuts( I love pistachios) good luck and I will read up so I can help u

  • Ruby try to eat more healthy snacks, and walk or otherwise exercise as much as you can. But even if you stay on sugar, it is better than smoking. Once you are deeper into your quit, you can concentrate more on diet. I gained some weight after I quite, but most of it has since come off.

  • I understand what you mean. I didn't even like sweets or junk food before I stopped smoking. Now all I want to do is eat, and eat sweet junk mostly. The past few days I have been doing extreme low carb and logging my food in an app. It's been tough, and been having craves for food that are just as strong as my craves for smokes were. I've got 30 days as of today, and not craving smokes really at all, but this transference of addiction to food is making me crazy!! I'm hoping by eating no sugar at all for a bit the urges will stop. Low carb killed my appetite last time I did it, and I lost 40 pounds. I don't want them back😨

  • Welcome kpulliam78 to our community, well done on 30 days quit, wishing you strength and success in your quit and low carb diet and your progress updates.

  • Thank you😊

  • You have basically summed up what I feel.... I too don't think it's the smoking I'm craving but I now need to address how to stop the sugar... like you if I don't have any sugar I can abstain completely but as soon as I touch a tiny amount, I open a can of worms... and literally don't stop eating until I feel sick! That's not normal is it??? Every night I think right tomorrow I'll be better, but this has been going on for 2 weeks now... I actually feel like I'm going mad..I get what everyone says about better to be smoke free and carry a couple of extra pounds... but I'm not sure I can... I am stubborn and tomorrow I will try to start the drinking more etc.

  • I'm the same. I can't have just a little bit. I've got to keep eating until I hate myself.😬 This is my third day low carb, and I'm actually feeling a lot better. The first two days were really tough. I notice I am not getting the high and low blood sugar yoyo effect that makes you want to eat constantly either. I use the Lose It! app to track my carbs. I don't worry about calories too much, just trying to nip the sugar. I think it's just as addicting, only more socially acceptable😜 Good luck to you!

  • Welcome Ruby37 and congratulations on almost 4 weeks quit, this is a great achievement - well done! It is perfectly normal the sugary intake when we quit and even put on weight - what I done to reduce this was to get a water juicer bottle (can get them in any supermarket) and add mint, cucumber and lemon and top it up with ice cold water throughout the day to fight the cravings - its very refreshing and works!

    Please don't jeopardize your quit worrying about weight gain, this can always be addressed when you are comfortable in your quit. Keep us posted on how you are getting on :)

  • How are you doing now, Ruby37?

  • Hey! I'm good thanks... been using the App and have been running a lot so getting there!! Had a melt down on Thursday... where upon I realised I have this... I'm not going back now... stubborn as an ass me!! How are you getting on?

  • I'm doing pretty good too. Ate a bit more/higher carb on weekend, but still refrained from sugar. Definitely much better than I was doing. Glad it's getting better for you, keep it up! I'd love to run, but think I'll wait till it warms up. Not really a indoors/treadmill type. Looking forward to spring, and the increased physical activity it brings😃

  • You are doing great kpulliam78 - you will be in your element when the springs comes alright, all the re-born smellls and memories from your pre-smoking life, it is truly wonderful and one of the major benefits I found when I quit 16 months ago :O

  • I can't wait😊

  • Looks like we're both doing well!! Although I have no desire to smoke at all... I do miss the closure / escape smoking gave... cigarette after food marked the end of eating.... cigerette after chores etc. It's trying to find new things that take its place... I sound like I was a big smoker.. I really only smoked between 4-6 a day!

    Any way... here's to another week smoke free!!!

  • They say it takes 21 days to break a habit - nearly there Ruby37 - you are doing great, keep it up!

  • I totally understand what you mean. It was my escape, my break.. I was a big smoker though, 30-40 a day for about 20 years.😨

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