Day 7 cold turkey St Patrick's day

I woke this morning and didn't immediately think of smoking. Sure it was only minutes but when I did my thoughts were wow I really can do this. I have failed so many times but they were all important fails to get me to this point. Never gonna smoke again u have to genuinely believe. I wish everyone every success today. ☘

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  • Hi Frankboyd and Happy St. Patrick's day!

    It may have only been minutes today but before you know it, it will become hours, days then eventually months! Hang onto that thought and the feeling of freedom that you had this morning...

    You sound like you have got the right attitude to succeed this time and I wish you all the best with it - keep strong, you CAN do it!!

    Mel :D

  • hiya Frankboyd happy st Patricks day to you too. Great positive post!! Stay strong in your quit 😊

  • Well done on first week mate 👍👍 it's going to get easier (that's what I keep telling myself lol) and before you know it we won't think of them at all or only in disgust. Happy St Patrick's day and here's to the next 7 days 👍☘️

  • Ure a solid inspiration cold turkey just ahead of me. I had to keep with u ure real ure pure brilliance xx

  • Cheers my man kind words, appreciate it 👍😊

  • Sorry about the last one dan a tad overboard with the kisses etc lol. On the plus side I was a drunk Irish man on Paddy's day and totally smoke free yee ha. . I trust ure still breathing easy

  • No worries mate, if you can't on Paddy's day when can u let your hair down lol smoke free as well, massive achievement mate well done. Yeah brother still smoke free going strong 💪💪

  • Wow, you are nailing it !!

  • U still hangin in. . 💪

  • Still here mate just been busy lol sod it I'll whack a post up quick lol

  • You are totally ready Frank..You can do it...You will do it....You are going to do it...Strongs !!!

  • Brilliant Frank!

  • You can do it I'm on my 127 day cold turkey can't believe I've come this far my only problem is I have a cough which I didn't before

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