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SheenaLValued Contributor

So, today makes 11 months nicotine free for me. I'm so happy, yet for some reason I want a cigarette. I have not had a craving for one in a while but I guess because it is a celebration, I want to reward myself with the one thing I rid myself of.

I've gained over 20 pounds so far and have been watching what I eat for 3 weeks. No matter what I eat, I bloat. I talked to a friend who suggested probiotics. They worked the first day then the bloating continued. I got a B 12 shot the other day and some weight loss pills that just make me hungrier. I keep telling everyone if I dont lose weight I'll smoke again just to drop the 20 pounds and I dont even want to be a smoker again.

At first I didn't care about my weight bc it was for a good cause but now my self esteem is shot. I walk a lot at work so I'm getting exercise. I just look 6 months pregnant all the time. Every so often I get to where I'm not hungry for a few days, but then the appetite comes back and I'm back to square one.

Anyway, I hope things get back to normal soon! I'm up for any new suggestions. Im running out of ideas.

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HercuValued Contributor

Hi Sheena...Congrats ..11 Months is Gr8... well done

Whatever you do...do not smoke ....rather be a "full bodied" woman than a thin stinking one with yellow teeth, thin hair and a rumbling cough...

You showed a lot of strength and motivation during the early stages of your quit and I am sure that motivation is still there and will assist you to loose the gain...

Strongs !!


Hey SheenaL - good to hear from you but I am quite taken back and surprised that you are considering smoking again due to the bloating, after your tremendous hard work and life's struggles over the last 11 months, you fought very hard and nearly there at joining us in the Penthouse. Please, do not smoke!

From reading your post, the bloating is not caused by not smoking as you are eating healthy, exercising so it is very likely it is something to do with your diet and could be an intolerance to something. I would be very confident to say that if you smoked, you would still be bloating. Did you go to your doctor for the B12 shot? If so, did you mention this to them. I would suggest getting some intolerance tests done and whatever else your doctor thinks.

Wishing you strength to get through this struggle and that you get things sorted - keep us updated.....

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

Hey SheenaL - how are you feeling now? You have been given excellent advice, hope you are ok, let us know when you can?

Rjg45500 Days Smoke Free

Think I’m in the boat !

Yes I’ve put on a couple of stone I think ...

I do my best to curb the binges yet it’s still piling on , I also have brisk walks and cycle rides ...

I hate it now as my belly looks huge , I’ve now had to buy 36 w shorts , my shirts are tight ....

why does this bloating happen ?

Jared01Valued Contributor

Please do not smoke SheenaL after all your blood, sweat and tears over the last 11 months, this bloating can be rectified by following Roisin's spot on advice....

I suffered from belly bloating after I stopped, went to my doctor as was driving me crazy, had to keep a diary for 2 weeks of everything I ate and when the bloating was at its worst, turned out I am lactose intolerant - this can be diagnosed at any stage - stopping smoking can bring it on or actually trigger it (masked when we smoked) as our metabolism and digestive starts working correctly and returns to normal......definitely get the intolerance tests done (you too Rjg45 :) )

Let me know how you get on....would be interested to see if this could be a common trend when we stop...

JulReal2 Years Smoke Free

Please PLEASE do not smoke! I was heavy when I smoked an heavier after over a year f NO smoking. Doctor said to me....you have to gain 100 pounds for it to be as UNhealthy as smoking is. That doesn't help the self esteem part of the weight gain, but it put it into perspective for me...that smoking isn't worth it. I gained a substantial amount of weight and am just now (13 months smoke free) beginning to feel that my brain can now handle another challenge :)

Don't smoke...it won't help...and then you'll have to quit again...WHO would want to do that? :)

casinolife1 Year Smoke Free

Hey, I'm a newbie at over 3 months. How proud you are for your journey so far. Can't wait to say quit for 11 months.

Do your research, put the hard work to use that you used to give up smoking. Its gotta be the food (processed is awful), timing that you're eating. Study your process and you will figure it out. Set yourself a schedule and stick to it. Looking forward for positive feedback.😊 😊

bjay221 Year Smoke Free

Sheenal, my gosh you are so close to a year! I pray you can fight the urge. I know exactly how you feel. I have gained the same amount as you but in only 5 months. I am trying everything to lose it and nothing is helping but I won’t give up. I decided not to get on my scale for a while because it was depressing me too much. I dragged out an old stationary bike I have and will hop on it at least once a day while watching tv. The only snacks I purchase for the family are ones I absolutely hate (like fig newtons). lol. I keep telling myself that once the weather warms up, things will get better. Please don’t give up.


hi SheenaL

hope all is well tonight.

your bloating sounds a lot like my daughter in law got/had,

she went to docs and after few test found to be wheat etc intolerant,and was this that blew her belly up

,now going gluten free her life has changed,may be worth looking into,

smoking probably wont help,you just wonder.

you take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

SheenaLValued Contributor

Thank you all so much for your words of advice and encouragement. I'm happy to report that I haven't smoked, but it has been pretty scary putting conditions on my quitting. Like if I dont lose weight and etc. I got a b12 shot today and another shot that is supposed to help with weight loss from the Aspen Clinic and will see how that goes. I also rejoined the gym today. I'm nervous about going back into the gym bc I'm going to a new one this time around, but it's right by the house so that's good. Went to the doctor yesterday and she ordered bloodwork for thyroid and other things. She wanted to see if that could be why I gained weight. I'm sure that's all fine though, im just hungry is all haha. She is ordering me a prescription for Topamax for my migraines and says it's supposed to help with weight loss too so it's worth a try. Anyway, thank you for the help!!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to SheenaL

So glad to read an update from you SheenaL - hopefully you will be well on the road to getting things sorted for your 1 year milestone and raring to party with us in the Penthouse :D

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