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Hidden myself in the outhouse!

Hi all, hope this finds you well...

Wow to the feelings overwhelming me! I can't work out if it's simply the stress of the last couple of weeks, stopping smoking or the menopause 😂! (Probably all three!)

I've actually just locked myself in my outhouse with my e cig and my phone and the songs of Bob Dillon for five minutes!! I've been feeling so weepy one minute and angry as all hell the next! It's lasted a couple of days and it's getting me down a bit.

From what I've read it seems normal but sometimes it feels lonely too. It's too rainy to go to the park or walking and I'm frankly fed up of cleaning everything! My poor son is bearing the brunt of it at the moment as he's feeling much better and back to pushing my buttons.

Isn't it rotten some days?!!!!

Hope you're all having a good day :)

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Congratulations Jo, you're the first person I've read of that has locked themselves in an outhouse to get away from it all. Joking aside, it's horrible when you feel like this and yes; some days ARE rotten. Good choice of music by the way.

I went through it as well in the early stages so you have my sympathy. At least I know mine had nothing to do with the menopause and it was all down to quitting.

You've done this long enough to know that you may feel great tomorrow so beast it out for today if you can. What about the cinema? Treat the lad to a movie...Alien? :-)


Sadly autocorrect has p*ssed on my parade, DYLAN!

You've made me laugh again! Yes, better days to come I know, and the thing which is paramount is that I don't want a cigarette at all! I love that feeling so much!!

I'm depositing the child at my mothers later, perhaps she could keep him hahaha (kidding)...

Anyway, thank you for the support Nozmo and helping me recognise it is just a blip.

For now....

I'm back inside with a giant pot of coffee and a blanket :)


I knew who you meant, autocorrect is a pain. Great song...and very apt...the times ARE a changing.

Sounds like a hard rain is gonna fall today but I hope you're not too tangled up in blue. (WAHEY!! See what I did there?)

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Hahahahahahahahahahaha I'm all loose like a rolling stone fella 😂 (oh such fun!!)

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Am on this now...... with me coffee... and feeling better that I 'don't think twice...' about a cig now... ok, I'm leaving hahahahahaha

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Hey Jobm1, I can definitely relate to those horrible days. I seem to get alot of them. While I don't have an out house to run to I normally sit in my car in the driveway, lock the doors and play my cds with my ecig. And I love when it rains because I know nobody will come out to bother me.

u could be just having a rotten day with a mixture of what's going on, but it would still be rotten even if u smoked a real cigarette.

It will pass, just like everything else, don't worry and tomorrow will be better. Get a nice soak in the bath tonight, get into ur PJs and sneak into ur big cosy bed early, with a good book or film, AND ur ecig.

take care,

don't forget, it will pass. We all have them days, some more than others. X


Leesa you are so lovely!!! And funny too! Ha nobody bothers you when it rains! Love that.

I've got a date with some ironing later but defo film too x

It's the best not smoking. I ran round the football field with Harry kicking a ball between us and not once did I struggle. I need to hold on to that stuff..

How's the vaping lovely? Sounds all good with you... hope so.

Haven't the words to tell you how much your support means, thanks a million xx Harry off to my mums later so I may just sod the ironing off lol!

Big thanks again and have a lovely day lady :) x

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Hey jobm1 - you really are a great example of how to use this community to its potential and wish all members at the early stages of their quits used it like you do as it is vital to stay close to us when having bad days as well as good days and I firmly believe that I would not be here today if not for using this community......

For every bad day overcome, the stronger you are becoming in your quit. Great idea about just hiding away listening to great music, never underestimate its power of calming us down, as said to you before AC/DC was my savior for picking me up and motivating me.

I just commented on Lula-kig post there asking if she was a coffee drinker and see you are too, by any chance, is this low mood after drinking it, I quit drinking it when I quit as brought on severe cravings and anxiety when I drank it (only drank red maxwell house, lightest coffee ya could drink!!). Over 20 months quit and I still can't have a cup :O

Maybe try cutting it out if you can? There have been quite a few members that cut it out too and was noticeable the improvement in their moods....

Keep up the great work, you are doing so well :)


Hi Roisin, thanks so much for great response as always!! I could not have got this far without all of you lovely people here, you literally represent all of my constant support!

I loved the AC/DC link, definitely motivational. I am a huge music fan too so use it all the time, high, low and everything in between.

I am a big coffee drinker but changed to decaf a long time ago with only a full fat occasionally or I bounce off the walls and I'm already nutty enough!! 😂

For me cigarettes were my stress buster, my time out, my reward. My boy is hyper, has some behavioural issues too which can really test me. I thankfully have a good mum to help but not always as she's almost seventy and although she wants to keep up it's hard and I wouldn't put on her.

I find I am quite a compulsive person and struggle anyway with my own stop buttons. If I smoke, it's hardcore and so on so not so much a coffee trigger although it's worth thinking about. I drink chamomile tea too and water and of course a little wine too! 😜 it's time out I think. I need to focus more and take short time out so I can cope better.

I love this place Roisin, it's been an absolute godsend and without it I don't doubt at all I would have caved. I think it's six weeks today, I definitely celebrate more now the no smoking than commiserate the no smoking. I LOVE being a non smoker, love it. I'm so grateful for you all for every little and big thing, from reading past posts, catching up to the incredible support.

Thanks a million lovely. Hope you're having a great weekend too ☺️ x


You do whatever is best for your quit Jo, yeah, you will be 6 weeks on Monday and that is some achievement, don't be so hard yourself, you ARE showing great focus, strength and determination. Take the time out when you need it, your son will thank you when he has a healthy mama around for many years to come.

Also, below is a link to a great quitometer which lets you know how many days you are smoke free, money saved etc, but the big special one I love to monitor is how many days of life you have added back since quitting - currently I am sitting at 116 days and shamefully and shockingly I have saved €12,232 since I quit, it was horrendous the amount of money I spent on them :O

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You've just made my day!!!

And.... wowza! Yes, when you put it like that 😳

I'm having a well earned break atm and playing lovely tunes. Will have a look at the app, ever remembering I'm an awful technophobe... 😊

Now playing:

Thanks again lovely


An outhouse! Great idea. It's really lonely out there sometimes, but we will be just fine!

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