I am 20….(I wish !!!)

Yes, 20 months without the smothering companion I lived with almost all my life. The saddest thing is that it was the best years of my life and I smoked that away and can only wish to be 20 again.

The past 20 months was an amazing experience of rediscovering all the small little things in life which was obscured by a cloud of smoke……!

We “older’’ people need to overcome the natural decline in muscle strength, the loss in bone density and the normal decline of our organs and need to work so much harder to keep in shape .

I remember (With pain) that first attempt to jog what was supposed to be a 5 kilo but ended in a serious gasping after 2 Kilo’s….Now 20 months later it is a walk in the park 3 x a week. On top off the paddling I took on a little home gym (Bought with cigarette money saved) with light weights just to regain some of the muscle strength lost due to age. (Sarcopenia) I am still battling to gain weight and trying to get the correct amount of protein by supplementing with Whey Protein shake.

Still supplementing the old brain to keep the dopamine flowing but almost half the dose with what I started off and with all the stress of the drought and worker retrenchments I can truly say that to live smoke free is the way to live!

Wishing all a truly successful quit and the better life thereafter!

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  • Good to hear from you Hercu, it's been a while. You're putting me to shame with all this exercise...it sounds like you're as fit as a flea!

    The situation on the farm doesn't sound too good though, hope things improve for you and the workers soon. Here's hoping you get some rain (that still seems like a weird thing to say, coming from England where we're sick of the sight of the stuff.)

  • Thank you Nozmo....glad to say I am in fair shape but not yet where i need to be...Had a frightening experience December when I was caught on the sea in a 48 knot head wind and a screaming current against me and took me 3 hours furious hard paddling to get 3km back to shore...That is where I decided...Back to the drawing board...I never want to be in that sickening situation again...!

    Yes we need Rain.. The government stopped all irrigation.. due to the 13% level of the reservoir which supply 3 cities with drinking water....and the rain season is only up to April.. With the current usage the dam will be on dead level in August...!

  • That sounds pretty scary - the experience in December and the current drought. Desperate times Hercu...wishing you lots of luck with the weather.

  • As the saying goes, youth is wasted on the young. Yes, to be 20 again, though without our current wisdom we would probably make the same mistakes all over again.

    Best wishes to your neck of the woods on the rain front, Hercu. It was 60 F yesterday in NY but snow is falling heavy this morning. Our control of weather is the same as our control of aging.

  • Wise words Cocao...thank you...!!!

    Pity that we only acknowledge our stupidity when time has caught up with us...!

  • hi Hercu

    how many people loose weight and moan 😁

    I'm so happy I put 1/2 stone ON yeah

    I'm back to my 8 stone 😁

    just wish I could sort the sleeping monster at my side (snoring hubby )😒

    hope you can work yours out 😁 but don't stress too much about weight 😒

    always a pleasure to read your post's 😁

    take care mate 😁

    always keep kicking 😎

    I'm still doing the rain dance 😁

  • Thanks lizzy....Yes but I need to do Physical work as well and get very upset if I can't do what I used to do....!!!

    Keep on Dancing Lizzy and thank you.. It is very critical but we are believers and there will be help from above and for the time being we will keep kicking.... Snoring Hubby ???? sorry no solution yet except an elbow in the side might help...!

  • hi Hercu

    what can I say.were getting older 😒

    and I have a pillow 😈

    just try have a good day,everyday 😁

    hope family are well 😁

    you take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

    it will rain on you soon 😁👌

  • Good going Lizzy .... Do not smother yourself with that pillow over the head....Family is well and still on the opposites...Me trying to gain weigt and dear wife trying to loose....what a crazy combo...?

    There is a Nice weather system developing In the Mozambique channel and might move South towards us... Good rains predicted from Thursday...We will keep on praying....!!

  • Sorry for the late reply Hercu (crazy with college stuff this week and on a block work placement next week)

    As always, great to read an update from you - wishing you the rain - keep in touch :)

  • Roisin Thank you so much....Yup.. it is Crazy..Mid Feb already..Your summer is coming and my winter is on the way...It truly is head over heals.. In my Afrikaans language ....(Gat oor Kop)... Direct translated as Bum over head...!

    Strongs for the college work and wishing you all the success you deserve...!!

    If I am in the civilization the first thing I check is our forum that saved my life...


  • Thanks Hercu really don't know where the time is going alright - I am 6 months gone from my job and only have would say 8 weeks left of my college course - best decision after quitting to do it.

    Yep, I hear you with this forum saving my life too - and your words of wisdom and analogies in my tough days - they were my savior and will be internally grateful to you :)

  • Highly apreciated Roisin ...Thank you...!!

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