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Cutting down on champix

Hi guys,

Now starting day 10 and have been pretty good! Only really struggling with boredom at work when on my break, been to the hypnotist and using hypnotism to relax before I sleep bu really want to come off the champix as they mess my brain up too much for work. I took 1/2 yesterday and have taken 1/2 today has anyone cut down this quick and still been ok? I thought if I felt OK with 1/2 tablet twice a day for a week and then do 1/2 tablet for a week and then come off? What does everyone think? X

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Bev...Be careful not to cut down on the Champix to quick....If it messes with your normal way of life I would say yes to taking it in halves but do not stop at once... I had a serious knock when I finished the prescription and took me 3 days to be OK again...!! Strongs !!



there's no rush.better to go longer than risk failing and smoking.

please don't get to confident yet.its a long road and its still at the beginning.

you are doing fantastic.keep at it

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


I would say that would work. I couldn't tolerate champix either. After two weeks I went onto half dose then only one a day. A couple of weeks ago I stopped taking them. So very similar to the pattern you're suggesting. Just be prepared for cravings to increase slightly at first. But be assured they are manageable. Champux is marvellous to get you started but it can mess with your functioning cognitively, psychologically and physically. Still not as bad as continuing to smoke though


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Thanks everyone,

Think I will stay on 1/2 dose for as long as I can stand it! Just don't want to lose my job as I can't think straight! X x


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