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Help! Smoking sad :-(


Hi everyone,

This is my first post......I am so dissapointed in myself. I recently completed the 12 week course of Champix and was really successful and finished on 14 August 18, but unfortunately completely forgot my final appointment with my local no smoking nurse, but thought I could be ok.

The cravings started niggling more or less straight away and I was completely unprepared for them. I guess if I had gone to my last appointment it would have been explained to me that I might experience them. Anyway, I have been having the odd cigarette for the last 5 days as I found the cravings too much. I am so disappointed in myself and am panicking as before stopping I was diagnosed with mild COPD. What am I doing to myself!! However, I have another appointment with the No Smoking Clinic next week, and am hoping I will be able to do the course again? Has anyone else done this?

Thanks for reading and any advice will be welcome.

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Vicky681 Year Smoke Free

I tried many times to quit after diagnosed with copd. And now they say emphysema I am determined to make it last this time. I am currently almost a month however I am using the patch. But I am starting to feel a little better. You have to resist to have that one puff because it will turn back into many. You can start again and be more successful this time. Have lots of little things to fidget with have a stop smoking book to read if cravings start getting bad. I am not sure how old you are but we also need to remember that yes our body can repair itself to an extent but it takes the lungs a long time. So stopping now will start that clock

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I hope the patch works for you.

Hithere123451 Year Smoke Free

Hang in there. Don’t beat yourself up to bad. You screwed up, own it and quit again. It’s a journey to reach the final goal. You’ll prevail. Never give up.


This is a second chance for you ..take it ! Your health should be your priority from now on.

crazydick1 Year Smoke Free

Trust me it's not the end of the world! You'll go on,don't be disappointed it happens to all of us smokers.Crazydick


Welcome Littlegreydog - they say it takes on average 3 attempts to stop for you (it was third time lucky for me and heading towards 3 years smoke free next week).

As long as we learn from previous attempts and become stronger and more focused to succeed, it will happen, I promise!

Stay close to us here when you start again and read up as much as can pinned posts here, other members journeys and elsewhere. Knowledge is power in this journey :)

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

How are things now Littlegreydog , have you been back to the clinic yet?

nancynancy9 Months Smoke Free

im on my 4th month of chanpix in 6th month not smoking did the cravings start tight after you stopped taking chantix

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