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Is it normal to be always thinking about smoking. I'm not really craving but I think about smoking everyday.  There's no way I'm going to as I know this has to be the time for me to quit, but I don't seem to be able to stop thinking about it. Maybe I'm expecting too much it's only been 32 days, and I know everyone's quit is different, any advice would be welcome

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  • We have both smoked for a long time and I suspect that is why it may take us longer to get to a place where we do not think about it very often.

    In some ways I find it easier in my quit when I am at the stage of thinking about smoking a lot. The physical side is obviously quite difficult - tiredness, restlessness, grumpiness, etc. - but because it is on my mind a lot I am constantly on my guard. For me it is when you get to the stage where the need to smoke creeps up on you out of the blue that I find that I am at my most vulnerable - that is when I have previously fallen into the trap of thinking that I had it beat and that joining someone for "just one" would be fine. I think we all know where that leads to. Not this time though....

    Keep strong. Each day that passes is another victory

  • Hey Jean, yes it is perfectly normal to think about smoking alot especially in this early stage of your quit but it will get less frequent and severe as time passes by.   You are over the month so time will fly by now.   

    I found that I thought most about smoking when I was not busy and also at the weekends, bored and sometimes if I spent too much time researching about smoking (ironic as it may sound, this forum could be contributing to it too) 

  • Think my problem is the Spanish lifestyle.  I know I'm lucky to be living in sunshine but because of it we spend a lot of time outside at our local Spanish bars where I definitely associate with smoking.  I don't drink alcohol and since quitting I drink water rather than coffee but it still feels alien not lighting up.  The funny thing is I now hate the smell of cigs even outdoors.  I'm not really tempted but quitting is always in my mind, how stupid! 

  • I think FordyP has an excellent point there Jean. We have smoked for decades and it has become part of our lives. I think it must take months to truly stop associating certain situations with it. I rarely get proper cravings now but I still think about smoking a lot.

    You're doing great.

  • Jean ...Very normal...You might start dreaming that you smoked....I reached for my cigarettes in my top pocket for months...I have found myself sucking on my pen if I worked in the office...Crazy...But that also gets better..!!

  • Ah yes, the dreams, still ongoing with me, my recent one only at the weekend.   

    I got thinking there Hercu about the point you made about the pen, at work (desk job), I never have the pen out of my mouth, not sure if I done it before or after I quit!

  • Oh those thoughts of smoking, do indeed become less and less, the longer we quit, and all very normal, as all the other lovelies on this forum say, it's a time thing.

    One day you will realise you have not thought about it for a hour, and then two hours.

    Doing a Stirling job, well done to you.

    Just keep going, doing amazing.

    Ps I think mr nico, is trying his hardest to get you back, but he WONT WIN

  • This is exactly why this forum is so good. Knowing that this is normal and will disappear in time makes me feel better.  Thanks everyone

  • Hey -  pretty much in the same boat - pun intended.  I served in the Navy for over 30 years and pretty much smoked everyday of it.  They became my life! I lived to smoke and smoked to live.  It's been 205 days, I still have thoughts of smoking - but not as much as I used to.  Instead of fighting the urge 24 hours a day - it's more like a few minutes a few times a day.  Please stay the course - you can do this  !!

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