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No Smoking Day
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Little boost!

Hi guys,

Just back from my 1st proper appointment with the quit team.

I started taking champix on 21st July as I had some left over from a previous quit as the nurse at work said she was going to be running a quit smoking clinic, went to see her on28th July and she then realised there was some technical problem so couldn't give me a prescription so had to make an appointment with quit 51 who took forever to get through too, anyway went today and my carbon monoxide reading has gone from 61 down to 1, she said it had gone from unusually high to unusually low! Anyway she gave me a letter to take to Drs to get an urgent prescription today as I will run out over weekend! This is day 5 for me and my worst day yet but onwards and upwards!

Hope everyone is having a good day! X x

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good post

you can get through day by day.

as for the monoxide reading its probably spot on.next time it will be 0 %

feel proud of your 1

treat yourself today.yove earned it.πŸ˜†

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


Nice to have a boost, especially on a Friday!

Keep it up and keep us posted BevJk

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Good for you Bev...Wonderful bodies we have got....So forgiving the moment we stop poisoning them they starts to heal...Stay Strong...!!


Keep going Bev!


Well done. So far so good.

It will get easier just keep going as you are. You are doing brilliantly well.


Hi BevJk, how's it going today? Any easier than yesterday?


Hi Nozmo,

Yeah not too bad today thanks, been at work 6 - 6 today so been busy! Even got offered a fag by someone in the smoke hut as I have to walk past but didn't even think about accepting! Some people are such planks! X x

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Ah, great, glad to hear it. There's always someone who offers you one! Well done for not accepting it. I've been to a barbecue for the last few hours, having a few beers and watching people smoke. I still have my moments of craving after seven months! Bloody smoking has a lot to answer for.


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