Massive fear overcome today as I hit 2 years quit!

Massive fear overcome today as I hit 2 years quit!

Following on from my teeth and gums post from a couple of weeks ago, I went to the dentist for the first time in over 10 years, it took every bit of courage and bravery to walk through those doors at 11:00 this morning, I will never forget the fear but once I was called in to the Dentist that was going to be looking after me and while she listening so caring to my story, I was made feel at ease almost immediately and just before I was ready to have a mini meltdown!!

I have to get a good bit of work done but all can be sorted and I will get that prefect smile I have had missing for many years - what I would like to get across in this post is to make a appointment with your dentist even if not in pain just for a check up as smoking can cause gum disease and gets worse when we quit as smoking, also if you grind your teeth, it too gets worse when we quit, which was all news to me today :) I left it until now at 2 years quit and so kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner but it thanks to a very special lady on here that gave me the push to go for it - thanks mushen.

To Aoibheann75, please make that appointment, I promise Mushen was so right when she said it will be ok!

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  • Ah Phobicmaniac - been watching out for your post all morning, so happy for you! You done great!!

    I too have overcome a fear this morning and rang and made an appointment with the dentist, took 4 attempts as hung up each time and then just took a deep breath and made it! Not near as big as fear as yours, appointment is not for another 2 weeks and I am on holidays and heading away for 2 weeks to my sisters.

    Well done!

  • Good woman yourself Aoibheann!

  • Nice one!

    You have made a start which is a huge deal.

    When the appointment rolls around, don't suffer in silence, we've done way too much if that; post on here if you need support.

    We're right behind you. ☺

  • Huge well done Phobicmaniac - double celebrations for you - 2 years quit and on track to get a new smile!!

    Great quote too!

    And to mushen - totally deserved appreciation, you are such an asset to this community, thank you!

  • Ah, thank you for saying that, that means a lot to me. ❀

  • Ah thanks Roisin, actually forget I hit 2 years until I was typing this post with all that was going on!! Thank you for my unexpected milestone badge and welcome into the penthouse, really nice touches and a credit to you with all you do here :)

  • You have done something awesome today. I cannot express how happy I am for you. Actually brought tears to my eyes. πŸ˜ƒ

  • What are we like :O :)

  • I know! Lol!

  • How are you mushen? Well tomorrow is my first day of getting work done, which is with the hygienist then Tuesday is 3 fillings, actually more worried and nervous about the teeth cleaned than the fillings as remember from 10 years ago, being very sore and uncomfortable and to honest I am really dreading it, how did you find getting this done?

  • I didn't have mine cleaned. However, I don't think there is anything to worry about. 10 years is a hell of a long time and things will have moved on. Of course you will be full of dread but this is because all of your knowledge is based upon a poor experience 10 years ago. I absolutely think it will be fine as will the fillings.

    Remember you are in control and before you start, make the hygienist aware of your concerns.

    Please let me know how you get on.

    I will be thinking of you. x

  • Hi mushen, home after a 45 minute clean of just the bottom teeth which were obviously a mess, hygienist was lovely and very reassuring and put me at ease straight away, my mouth was frozen as there was over 10 years of cleaning to be done!!

    She done a great job on them and said the top ones won't take as long - worst part was getting the numb injections (got 4 of them both sides of my mouth and felt a nip for a few seconds). I have mild gum disease and need to get rid of this so need to use floss brushes and gum disease mouth wash (wash is just for a few weeks).

    It was not near as bad as I thought it would be but still a huge deal for me, legs were like jelly walking out but was ok after about 10 minutes, bring on the fillings tomorrow!!

    As always, thank you for reassuring advice and words, you are my dentist buddy getting me through this and so grateful!!

  • Wow!

    Massive well done to you. You really are getting to grips with this now. Don't stress about the fillings, you will be fine.

    Let me know how you get on please.

    Good luck 😁

  • Hiya mushen , well thats the 3 fillings done and dusted, was grand and far better than yesterday in that had to get 2 fillings on top left and 1 bottom left, only needed the numbness for the top 2, injection was unnoticeable and felt no discomfort at all compared to yesterday but thats because they needed some cleaning!!

    Unbelievable how it has advanced from 10 years ago, its white fillings now and no drilling or those plyers (sp?) now :D So, have the top cleaning next Monday and 1 extraction on the Tuesday and she is going to take a mould of the size of my teeth for the specialist that is going to be rebuilding my top 2 front ones...

    Did you feel you just wanted to get all done asap, would nearly just go in every day until everything is finished and I have my new smile, patience was never great with me, think it is because I have a good few family special parties coming up, not telling any of them that I have started work on them, just show them off when done!!

  • Ahhh, you are really nailing this! Well done 😁

    Yeah, I felt the same. My treatment went on foe an eternity. In fact, I got so used to going all the time that I even kind of missed it when it finished! I don't think I even got as far as thinking about what my teeth would look like at the end. I was just so used to having them look really awful that I couldn't really imagine anything else.

    What I didn't tell you was that the transforma-tion was so great in both astethics and emotionally, that I wrote my dentist a letter of thanks. Afterwards they asked me if they could use it to help frightened patients.

    You have all of this to come and you are you going to look amazing.


    Keep posting please.

  • Would you believe as she was doing the fillings, I was thinking writing up a thank you card when all done, I reckin I will have all the dentistry work done in 2 weeks time so will probably meet with the Orthodontist to decide what I will get done, for your astethics, how long did it take to get all done?

  • Oh took ages. Multiple moulds and stuff. It was the waiting time inbetween that took time. It is however, well worth the wait!!

    It is lovely to see just how much the way you feel about going has changed. You must always be proud if yourself for finding the courage to face your demons. 😁

    Looking forward to your next update. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hiya mushen, hope your first day went well?

    Teeth sparkling clean and don't have to see the hygienist again for 6 months. I have an extraction and impressions tomorrow. still think the teeth cleaning is pretty uncomfortable but likely due to not being cleaned in over 10 years, may not need to be numb in 6 months time :)

  • Good news indeed.

    You're getting there!

  • Hi mushen , well today was a biggie and glad to have it over with! I got another unexpected little filling, impressions/moulds done which was bit uncomfortable with all the impression paste crap that gets stuck in your mouth :O But the biggie was extracting the broken tooth, felt no pain or pulling at all but it took about 30 minutes to get the stubborn little fecker out!! It was removed in 5 pieces with the last one the toughest to get out, it was a like a tiny speck of glass.

    So next week (asked if I wanted a few weeks break but declined as on a roll!!) getting the root canal done on the top 2 front teeth, to be honest, not looking forward to it, as it could take up to 2 hours to do - did you get this procedure done?

    She also advised that she is going to discuss my impressions with her colleagues and she may be able to do it there and not have to be referred to a specialist....

  • Now this is good news. Extractions Don't hurt do they? I hated the mould part. Spent most of the time desperately trying not to gag!

    I didn't have root canal work however, I still would not worry about it. Yes, it takes time but I think the hardest part may be keeping your mouth open! I Don't think you'll find there is any pain involved. Don't stress because it is a long procedure. You know you can always take a pair of headphones and plug into your phone for a while as she's doing the work. It would help pass the time.

    It will be great if your dentist can do the other work - much less of a hassle than having to travel elsewhere. My dentist did the lot for me.

    Good luck, not that you'll need it, you are absolutely nailing this whole dentist thing! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    Keep posting. 😁

  • Thanks mushen , you are such a motivation for me it is unreal :)

  • That is very kind of you to say. Ta. 😁

  • Well mushen - part 1 of the root canals done on my top front 2 teeth and it was the worst appointment in that I had a mini panic attack and had to sit up and take a breather for about 5 minutes, think it was brought on due to the my gum right below my nose was frozen and caused my nose to go numb too and then the rubber isolation guard put around the 2 teeth meant I felt like I couldn't breath, it felt like having a rubber glove around my mouth and nose, dentist was great at calming me down and didn't put the isolator back on until she started cleaning the canal and left a gap for me to breath, took just under an hour to do - would have been longer but had a little infection/abscess in one of the teeth so need to get rid of it before the permanent fillings go in next week, unfortunately will need the same anesthetic and isolator but at least I know what to expect - will be glad to have it over with and then can plan for my treatment for the restoration/building up of my teeth..

  • Blimey, that doesn't sound like fun. However, the thing to hold into, is that you got through it. Just keep plodding on with this. There is now a MASSIVE light at the end of the tunnel. Be proud if yourself for getting through today. Like you said, next time you know what to expect. You're going to look amazing you know, remember that.

    Well done my friend. 😊😊😊

  • Thanks mushen - it will be all worth in the end but it seems so far away though still, just have to be patient and keep telling myself all good things come to those who wait!! Know the feeling when you said you couldn't imagine the end, just want it so bad - meeting up with friends for a meal out Saturday night that I haven't seen in years and will be so conscious and paranoid about them......

  • Try not to worry about meeting your friends at the weekend. My guess is that, like me, you have mastered the art of deception pretty well indeed. Besides, there is more to you than a smile and just because it is not yet as you want it to be, it does not follow that your friends will think any less of you. Also, you'd be amazed just how little people notice. But It's not easy feeling this way, Try not to let this spoil your evening.

  • As always mushen , thank you so much for your great words of advice, I have indeed mastered the art of a deception smile :)

  • Hahaha!!! Me too!!

  • Hey mushen - well was a good night and great to catch up, but I felt I was obsessed with looking at everyones perfect teeth and I mean everyone! I thought I have the worst teeth in the world and everyones elses are just perfection - how did I let them mine go so bad, it seems to be thee thing now to have prefect 'white' teeth even in men - will be the best Christmas present for me this year to have them sorted, so impatient at the moment its ridiculous :D :D

  • I know what you mean. Sometimes I get fed up with the almost constant pressure to appear one way or another. Perfect super white teeth do seem to be a thing at the moment. Well done for getting through the evening. As much fun as it was, I am getting it was also quite hard. Hang in there, there us a massive light at the end of the tunnel! 😊

  • Well mushen 1 root canal fully completed and 1 to be finished off next week as still a bit of infection/abscess in it and it would not be successful if she finished it off with a infection in it - went so much better this week as knew what to expect, so fingers crossed that next week will be the last of the dentistry work and can start talking about the plan for building up my teeth, again I cannot thank you enough for the support and advice over these last few weeks :)

  • No need for thanks, I am glad you are well on the way to all if this being sorted out.

    Roll on next week!!

  • Hi mushen - this weeks update!! Root canal number 2 fully completed. Discussed my long term plan to rebuild my teeth, given a few options which will decide in 2 weeks time when have a final check up and the treatment plan options done up

    Option 1 - Referral to a specialist - disadvantage of this, will run into thousands of euro going down this route to get any of below options done.

    Option 2 - white fillings on my top 4 front teeth, because of my bite and grinding likely to be back in a few weeks with them chipped

    Option 3 - As my top bite is very worn down and uneven, rebuild my bite to the one level but my jaws and mouth may not adjust to this

    Option 4 - Dental bridge/dentures completed on my top teeth

    At the moment, thinking of going with option 4 as seems to be the more permanent solution but will wait until I see the plan and costs in 2 weeks time.

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but how did your teeth get worn down, was it due to grinding?

  • Hello there.

    Yes, my bottom ones were worn down due to grinding - at least that us what the dentist said. The top ones sort of became very thin at the bottom, they were almost translucent and of course, eventually just broke off as they were so weak. I had white fillings done on the lot - bottom 4 and top 4 all carried out by the dentist.

    Having read your options, I also think option 4 sounds like the preferable one. I think dentures (partial) come in at about Β£500. For the white fillings I paid Β£100 per tooth. Bear in mind, you can get mouth guards from the dentist which you wear at night to prevent grinding. I've not tried one but know those who have and they work. Don't be scared of dentures either, there are loads and loads of people using them and they are just so damn good, you can't tell.

    Looking forward to hearing about what you decide to do. 😁

  • As always thanks for your reassurance mushen - have alot of stuff going on at the moment and would love to have this sorted but as soon as you reply you put me at ease :)

  • This will all be sorted in the near future. Mine took ages but it does come to an end. You have come a very long way and there is a massive light at the end of the tunnel.

    Keep posting!!!

  • Hi mushen , my dentist receptionist rang yesterday to change my appointment to next week rather than 2 weeks time as discussed more with their team and have come up with a new treatment plan (must be going to be a case study they are that bad!!!) So hopefully will get the ball rolling sooner than I thought!

  • Now that is really good news indeed.

    Please let me know how you get on.

    Best of luck xx

  • Hi mushen - well met with the owner of the practice and head dentist and she has come with a plan that she thinks will be best for me, she ruled out the dentures as thinks I am too young to get them, so what they are going to do is rebuild all of my top teeth and get my full bite back with white fillings and put implants in for missing teeth (4 of them), when this is done, will see how my bite is and if my mouth and jaws adjust to it, if so, they will then put more permanent porcelain crowns on them. It is going to be a very slow process and have to do it bit by bit to see if it working for me said that I would have it done for xmas and she smiled and said, well it would it improved but not finished for a long time. So, they are doing up a model of how my teeth will look, cost etc....and ring me over the next few days - will be starting the plan next week - it is going to cost a small fortune in the long term but I can do it at my pace...

  • Well I think that sounds amazing. Don't stress over the timescale, it will get done. If they were to rush things you may not end up with the permanent solution you need and the end result may not be as you hoped. Plod on with it. I know It's going to cost a lot of money but if ever there was a good reason to spend money, then this is it. I think the cost is 100% justified. Besides, you are worth it, are you not? 😊

  • Hi ya mushen - no update for you this week as the team are still working on my moulds and treatment plan so it could be a few weeks before it starts - actually missed not going in this week :O :D

  • Lol! I felt the same when my treatment stopped as well!

    Oh how far you have come! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Hi ya mushen - still no update or started my rebuilding plan yet as head dentist just had her baby (don't think I mentioned that) and is off on maternity leave, if don't hear anything this week will ring and see what the story is, extremely disappointed as thought I would be well on with the rebuilding at this stage, presume she wants to be involved in it but not going to wait months either......nothing is easy eh :) :)

  • Nope, nothing is ever easy. Definately ring them and speed things along. She can't be the only one who can do this stuff.

  • Hi ya mushen, finally have an update for you!

    I got my treatment plan letter on Friday, along with the different options, timescales and pricing. Stage 1 will be my top 7 teeth being rebuilt with white filling material which it is only temporary restoration. (€560). When this is done, they will review me every few weeks to see if my bite, teeth and jaw line is adjusting to it, if all ok with it, they will begin the second stage of permanent restoration, option 1 and 2 were extracting hopeless teeth, crowning, bridging and putting implants in spacing which would cost between €12,000 - €15,000, obviously cannot afford this and just crazy money, so the final option is to retain the short teeth, root canal a further 5 teeth and cover them with a metal denture costing €3,000 for all and will take around 3 months to complete so going for this option.

    My restoration starts on Tuesday 5 December, so will have new temporary smile for Christmas, thrilled and great early present, typically I didn't ask how many of the white fillings I will be getting done but told it will be a 3 hour appointment but hopefully worth every second. Is the white fillings procedure ok? How many did you get done at one time? Sorry for such a long winded post!!

  • Sorry for the delay in reply - been working.

    I think the option you have picked is a good one!

    The white fillings procedure is easy, no pain or discomfort at all. First they paint a liquid on the tooth\teeth to remove the enamel. Then they put the white fillings on with a spatula type thing. Next they cure it with a blue light to set it hard. When this is done they simply file them down to the right size & shape. Doesn't hurt at all. Takes a while, that is all. I had two top and four bottom all done at the same time. I think I was there for about an hour and a half. The results are amazing! Don't worry about it, it really is straightforward. You just have to keep your mouth open for a bit!

  • Ah thanks mushen for your reassurance as always - so excited now as did get the impression I was getting them all done on the 5th but then got paranoid I was hoping for too much!!

  • You are going to be amazed at how clever the white fillings are!!

  • Hi ya mushen , well tomorrow is the big day finally with getting my new smile and I am feeling very strange, nervous butterfly feeling in my belly and then excitement, how did you feel before your new smile, even typing this I feel anxious and nervous, is it that I have waited so long for it? I am worried that I may be disappointed or that my mouth won't take to it, god, what is wrong with me :O Sorry for the waffling on....

  • You're not waffling. It is exciting but I expect you will still feel really nervous. If I remember correctly, I was completely unsure what to expect at all. I do remember however, smiling as I walked back to the car afterwards and looking in shop windows

    Best of luck tomorrow. Don't worry about things not looking right because that won't happen. You are going to look and feel very different and it us about time too!

  • I think thats it, just don't know what to expect, only for you and my other half, don't think I would be where I am tomorrow, ye both gave me such encouragement and support that I so appreciate, he seems to be more excited than me ;O Will update you tomorrow as soon as I get home....

  • I look forward to hearing from you. I'll be thinking if you tomorrow. πŸ˜™

  • Well mushen - I have my new smile and what an early Christmas present, can't get over it and over the moon :O It is just amazing!! For the first time in 5 years, I can smile without being conscious about it, feel my top teeth on my bottom lip when talking, confidently smile in front of the mirror and not practice covering up my teeth, take pictures of me smiling properly, done a before and after pictures text to my other half and he thinks it is a fantastic job.

    It is a real subtle job and blends in so well with the rest of my teeth, exact same colour which is remarkable, I only got 5 of the 7 done today and may not need to get the other 2 done depending on how well my bite opens up.....

    How did you find or deal with people commenting on yours when you got them done, the only ones that know that I was/got them done is my husband, you and whoever else read my posts here! I didn't tell any of my family as they talked behind my back which I was very hurt by and developed serious paranoia that everyone was talking about them and just wanted to do it for myself not them, if that makes sense?

    PS It took 3 hours :O Got an awful tickle in throat and was dying to cough a few times but it passed thank god, imagine if I was still smoking, wouldn't of been able to lie there for that length of time!!

  • Ah, this is wonderful news. I am so very pleased for you. πŸ˜ƒ

    You know, forget worrying about how up deal with the reaction from other people, especially those who have been unkind. Just Say, "Yeah, I had some work done", and leave it at that . I NEVER want to discuss my teeth & like you, husband is really the only one who knows. I just change the subject and refuse to have a conversation about them. Say nothing because that is your right.

    Enjoy your new smile. It is going to make such a massive impact on your life and how you feel about yourself. You have waited a long time for this. I think you have the right to put any concerns about anything at all to one side in order that you can just feel good about yourself. This has been a long time coming.

    I am so very, very pleased for you. 😁

    PS. White fillings are so bloody clever aren't they?


  • Perfect advise mushen about talking to people about it, will follow it to a tee, it is my right and no-one business only my own.

    The fillings are genius, did you find them feeling weird when you first got them, keep feeling them with my tongue and quite nervous about eating and breaking them as my bite has been my 4 top front teeth for years and I now have to get used to eating from the left top side now (like normal people eat!!). Can't eat any raw vegetables or hard fruit as very likely to break them. This will only be until I get my denture so not forever, will just take a bit of getting used to for the time being. Did you have to adjust your bite?

    Again, thank you so much for all your support and advice and reassurance, I am so very grateful xo

  • Yep, when I first got mine I kept feeling them. They felt different. However, you just get used to it really fast!

    I also had to get used to eating 'properly' again. Like you, I was used to only using my top front teeth. Worry not, you will adjust. Over the next week you will find yourself adapting and the nerves will fade away. I still don't eat really hard stuff mainly because I have become so used to not doing so. On the rare occasions I eat an apple, I chop it up rather than bite into it. My bite was also adjusted so don't worry about that at all.

    No need for thanks at all. Having been through the same experience as you, I know how difficult it can be and so anything that makes it easier is a good thing.


    (That's me & you above...smiling!)

  • Good to know that I will get used to my new way of eating pretty soon, might actually loose some weight not eating crappy food like crisps, sweets etc :O

  • Congrats on 2 years and conquering your fear, amazing :)

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