l last went to my doctors in the beginning of March. Since then I have spent 2 weeks over indulging on both food and alcohol in Bali came back and joined the quit ranks. Meanwhile I get my taste back and OMG I can't remember food ever tasting so good. I also needed something to do with my hands so what did I do? I stuffed food in my mouth with them. I became dreadfully constipated which bloated my belly. My granddaughter went to school and told all the teachers my tummy was so big because there's a baby in there and that's why Nanny isn't smoking anymore. I'm into my 8 week of quit and been back to the Doctor I cannot believe I have only put on 2 kilo. Took some laxatives my tummy has now gone down and my granddaughter is heartbroken


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  • Brilliant post - certainly made me chuckle!

  • How are you FordyP, how is the cold?

  • Hiya Roisin. Cold is on the mend but lingering in an annoying way. Weather here still pretty poor today but tomorrow is meant to be scorchio! 😊

  • Well get loads of the vitamin D tomorrow and you will better in no time!

  • I must admit FordyP i did laugh when the teachers told me. My husband on the other hand was about to have a heart attack


  • Ah what a great post Jenny and brought a smile to my face. :)

    I remember your first post so well about the bloating and the frustration in your early posts and doubting yourself, look how well you have done and how far you have come 8 weeks into your quit. I did promise you and you listened, be very proud of yourself.....coz I am!

  • Great funny post love it

  • Kids are great they say some brilliant things lol ive put on a a stone since i quit but its starting lose a bit now😆

  • OMG your granddaughter is hilarious! Bless her though being so sad that it was a food baby not an actual one.. Congrats on 8 weeks!

  • hahaha! Sorry had to laugh ;-) Congratulations on your 8 weeks Trem .

  • Excellent well done on 8 weeks

  • I found it all quite funny too, out of the mouths of babes


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