Nice feeling not wheezing

Since quitting smoking my breathing has improved no end so has my fitness.ive just been over the park playing football with my son and i wasnt coughing i wasnt getting out of breath i felt really so glad i made that decision to quit and feel like im really started feel the benifits.anyway i hope everyone else is having a good bank holiday and staying smoke free😆😆

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  • Nice post enjoy your bank holiday

  • Good for you Joe, 3 months smoke free next week, that is great! Your quit is getting solid now, well done :)

  • That's great Joe - so nice when you start to see and feel the fruits of your labour - makes it all worthwhile

  • Thank you roisin😆and yes miscy its been a tough at times but certainly been worth it.i no i cant let my guard down cause its a sneaky going to keep doing what im doing,come on here as much as i can😆and live a smoke free life😆😆

  • Happy for you Joe. It's really great when you first start noticing the improvements. Have a good weekend!

  • Well done Joe2! Feeling the benefits of your new life!

  • Joe that is great. I went for my first run last week. Breathing felt great - just the legs that killed me afterwards :)

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