Feeling annoyed!!

Hi everyone,

I only joined yesterday to prepare for my quit on the 1st August and had an appointment today at work to see the nurse who has just started doing stop smoking clinics. I have been hanging on for months for them to start and eventually she said she was all ready to start them up. So I had started taking some champix left over from a previous quit attempt and set my date for 1st Aug, got a phone call from the nurse 3hrs before my appointment to say she was going on holiday for 2 weeks and did I want to go with quit 51 instead of her as she wouldn't be here to give me the support I needed. I said no I want to see you, so I kept the appointment and done the co2 test and gave all my details and she said she would sort out my prescription and it would be sent to my doctors. Then this afternoon she rings me again and says she hasn't signed her contract and can't do the prescription!! So I said ok, I will go to my Drs and see the nurse there, I ring the Drs and am told the funding has been withdrawn and they don't do smoking cessation clinics anymore, they give me the phone number for quit 51, I ring them 3 times and left a message for them to get back to me today and guess what! Nothing!! Got enough champix to last me a week and working 6am to 6pm Thursday and Friday and 12hr shift Monday and Tuesday night. Good job I am determined to quit! It's just made me feel really annoyed and unsettled now!

Sorry just needed to have a rant!!

Bev. X x

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  • Thats what the forum is here for Bev, keep at quit51 so you will be sorted after you run out of the champix, take this as your first curve ball overcome! Look forward to seeing you in Day 1 shortly :)

  • Mrs Nico is right Bev, keep chasing Quit51, your priority is your quit and nothing should get in the away of it. When you start on Day 1 on 01 Aug, stay close to here, post as often as you need, we will all be here for you to help you along.... :)

  • Bev...All I can say is... Strongs !!!!

    Nice of you to mention your concerns and we will never be annoyed if you rant...We all have been there .. We are here for you... !!!

  • Thanks guys,

    Feel much better now! I took Mrs Nico Frees advise and gave quit 51 another ring and they actually answered this time, so got an appointment on 5th Aug but will still start my quit on the 1st.

    Thanks for your replies. X x

  • Oh god, what a complete pain in the backside. Keep calling Quit 51 - until you get hold of them. Don't stress out just yet and don't let this put you off. You can do this. Rant as much as you like and we'll be on the lookout for you on 1st August.

  • Hey, isn't it so frustrating, when our minds are made up, and nothing falls into place.

    But you've reached a great forum, with a wealth of experience, to help you on your way, this in its self is a very powerful , to help you get started on your day one.

    Great your here keep posting and reading.

    You can do this you can😀😀👍

  • Welcome BevJk !! Your quit day is fast approaching! You sound committed and ready:) That's fantastic! Strength 💪 To help keep you focused. Stay close and keep your reasons for quitting closer❤️


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