alcohol and smoking

hi all.

so today i am 41 days quit cold turkey smoking, and 29 days alcohol free ( just for the record im not an alcoholic haha ) i said to myself at the start of my quit that this was it this time and i wasnt going to let any previous failed attempts put any doubt in my mind for the future, so just wondering how everyone has got on with alcohol since quitting smoking? cause lets be honest they really are a match made in heaven or some would say hell haha the reason i havent had a drink in 29 days is because i was really tempted to smoke when i last had a drink i think i was 12 days into my quit at this point and had about 3 or 4 pints before i was trying to give myself any! reason to smoke (i didnt) and thats just what makes it really risky especially at the early stages for some people! and my previous failed attempts or should i say set backs because there not really failures cause we allways learn something that can be taken onboard on our next quit attempt! :D is alcohol so ive decided to completely avoid alcohol until such a time where i feel comfortable and in control and know that i can enjoy a drink without getting worked up about smoking might take another month or 3 or 6 who knows but thats my story with alcohol would be interested to hear how any of use have got on with the booooooze haha

cheers nohassel :)

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  • hi Nohassel

    drink and me don't mix,I try to avoid 😒

    if I have a cold a warm brandy or whisky is ok (in bed ) cant get into trouble there 😁

    but I must admit if I drink happy I'm dancing on tables play loud music and very lively 😁

    if I drink sad,well that's a road I don't want to go down,been down hated it 😒

    And it would make me want a fag.just one YEAH

    Memories of drink and fags,a lifetime wasted 😐

    no I'm avoiding fags and drink.AND I DONT MISS ANYTHING ABOUT THEM 😁

    Take care 😊

    keep kicking 😁

  • For me at least. Alcohol, is not a trigger to smoke, that said, for many many people association of smoking and drinking, like you say usually go together. For me it's coffee, and no way can I give that addiction up .

    Doing rather well, great news indeed

  • thanks tracey yeah coffee is a big one aswell but good for you for managing to resist! :) i cant do without my coffee either but have definetely had to cut down quite a bit since quitting smoking cant take as much now as it just goes to my head haha :)

  • I don't drink so alcohol 🍺 isn't a trigger but my trigger is the phone. I always want a smoke when I am on my phone.

  • thanks for post thinlizzy! well thats good to hear, yeah alcohol kinda enhances whatever mood your in so defo not a good idea to drink when you sad :( haha well im not even bothered about having a drink now i think i was just in a bit of a routine going for a couple pints on the weekend but as soon as you break the routine well your free to make new ones :D

  • Hi Nohassel,

    Great to hear how well you are doing - very well done to you!!

    For me, I thought alcohol (in particular wine) would be a trigger but it hasn't been as bad as I thought - in fact, if I thought I could not have a drink after quitting the fags I would have gone round the twist lol... :)

    My only worry now is that after 6 months of being a non-smoker I will have to attend the AA - and I'm not talking vehicles! (only joking ha ha - I think this quitting lark is warping my sense of humour somewhat)...

    We all have to have some vices I suppose!

    Looking forward to your celebrating your next milestone with you - I might even raise a glass or two, or three...

    Mel :)

  • thanks mel appreciate it! haha well thats great you carry on :D i would just have to be so carefull if i was to have a drink so dont want to risk it just now, after all this is probably one of if not the most important decision we can make in our lifes! look forward to hearing updates in due course :)

  • Hey Nohassel, alcohol is no issue for me, don't want to smoke when drinking but I did come across a very strong temptation on occasion when I would have been in the pub and in smokers company and them going to the loo, leaving a box of 20 and a lighter sitting on the table, the temptation to rob one and sneak off to smoke it, especially during a nice evening outside sipping on a few beers last summer, thankfully and luckily I resisted :)

  • Hey roisin yeah I know exactly what you mean sometimes we can get caught in a bit of a moment and ultimately make a bad choice but you didn't so good for you :)

  • hi wd on quitting smoking and drinking so proud of you i have a pint maybe once a year if that so booze dont effect its drinking a cuppa or after meal used affect me but not no more once again so proud of you

  • Thanks treacle :), yeah after a meal was a killer but doesn't bother me either anymore:) and I like the taste of my morning coffee without the stinky cig now mabey sumthn to do with my taste buds comming bc lol, best of all though not smoking in my bed anymore yuk! How did I ever do that!!! Haha hope your doing good and have a fab day look forward to updates soon :)

  • Hi Nohassel... I completely stopped using alcohol 20 years ago... For me it was very difficult to smoke whilst drinking and when I had a few beers I did not smoke ...I was never a heavy drinker and at a stage I just decided that Coke is much more enjoyable but still enjoyd a party where all my friends are drinking ...

    And again I am so lucky that I can party with the guys without a beer and a cigarette....

    Oh so nice !!!!

  • Hey hercu that's great, we dont need alcohol to have a good time!, as you've just pointed out :D I to like a coke got my fridge full of it just now haha, can't believe how far you've come in you're quite now (quite an achievement if I say so myself!!) Well done you're must be feeling better now are you?

  • we can all go out and have fun with no alchol pint fresh orange juice lemonade go down treat for me my dad used drink and i was brought up with him drinking not good child hood but im glad i didnt turn out same im proud of you to

  • Nohassel Oh man…smoking and drinking. My biggest question was always ‘will I ever be able to enjoy drinking without wanting to smoke’. I used to sit in pub gardens, drinking and chain smoking. Drinking was always the reason I failed my quits. The urge used to be unbearable when drinking. I could never have imagined being able to drink and not smoke...ever, ever, ever…

    Well, over a year into it and I can honestly say I DO enjoy drinking WITHOUT smoking now…

    I look forward to going out, having a few beers just as much as I did when I smoked….scrap that, I enjoy them MORE because I’m not smoking… I enjoy holidays – holiday beers – more now than I did when smoking... It’s totally do-able! You just need to make sure you have the right mind-set the first few times you drink…really focus your mind before you go out. And don’t get too drunk the first few times as you’ll ‘cave’ for sure…Your inhibitions will disappear and you won’t be able to rationally battle the temptation…

    Keep it up though and even when you get so drunk (ahem, of course only very occasionally ;)) that you can’t remember what you did, you won’t have smoked. You’ll be so used to not smoking that your drunk mind, the one you have no control over, won’t even think about it…

    That said, drinking/pub situations are the only time I ever really think about smoking anymore so it’s good in the sense it keeps my guard up…but the thought is for, like, 10 seconds, then it passes. Easy peasy.

    Believe me: if I can do it, anyone can!

  • also wanted to note its great to see your doing well and the sun is shining on the other side lol

  • thats a great post!! thanks for sharing kissingbodia, my thoughts exactly you know wondering if i can enjoy a drink again without missing my cigarettes, but your post has definitely filled me with hope for the future so thank you! :) as we are all creatures of habit i definitely get where your coming from when you say take it easy with the first few times you go out so your mind gets ust to the association without smoking, basically breaking a habit and a bad one for that!, which takes a bit of time(were only human haha) cause as i'm sure you will agree its very easy to make bad choices under the influence of alcohol and one beer to many could push you over the edge! which only fills you with regret the next day!, been there done that bought the t-shirt hahahaha the amount of times i relapsed and caved because i had a drink :( aaaahhhh man but thats in the past now :) and i'm a lot stronger now because of some of the bad decisions i made in the past:)

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