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Feeling fulfilled

Hi all, hope this finds you well and kicking! :)

I just really wanted to share my peaceful feelings after feeling so angry and upset last week!

I felt poorly again this week but I suspect that things have been masked with smoking for so long. Regardless, a feeling of deep calm and happiness has settled over me since yesterday. I sat with my mum and nephew last night, they smoked and I didn't once feel the need to join them.

I was a bit harsh on my nephew as he had given up smoking for a week, he's cut right down and is using an e cig at home.

I told him I wouldn't 'tell' him to give up, but gave him some facts about where he's headed if he continues to allow smoking to be his boss... I hope it's worked, he's just 27 and I really want him to give himself a chance.

Anyway, I'm here, peaceful, happy and counting my numerous blessings, not least having found this wonderful place. Thank you so much for the support...

Very best wishes

Jo :)

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Jo....Thank you for a nice Friday read...I am very happy for you that things turned out so nice ...Once again shows the power of our own thoughts and wishes....!

Certainly, there will be ups and downs on our path but that is why we are getting stronger every day the further we travel on this journey...

Truly we can make our own happiness....Gone is the entrapment and slavery and we are dependant on ourself to live a happy usefull life...

Have a wonderful weekend...!!

This weekend I am going to hybernate ...It is winter with morning temps a bitter cold 12°C and only getting up to 28°C by 14h00...Freezing !!!!!(Thick Jacket, couch, Hot creamy mushroom soup, TV and Springbok rugby ...sounds just right!)


Bless you lovely Hercu. Always so positive and kind. You're right, the entrapment!! All gone.. the longer I continue, the more I feel I will never go back. Thank you so much my dear.

Ah your weekend sounds delightful!! I was in South Africa a few years ago, a beautiful beautiful place.

Stay well lovely and thank you again x

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Jo jo top read and always a pleasure to read your posts :) your doing great:) have a brill weekend :) x

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Aw Telboy!!! Thank you much... likewise. Have a super weekend lovely xx ☺️

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Good to read jobm1 - you are so lucky to be at peace in your quit so early on, well done! It takes many longer to reach this - myself it was around the 9 month to 12 month mark. Keep up the great work and fight :)

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Ah Roisin, thank you... I've no doubt I'd sell my child on eBay for a fag on Monday but thought I'd share such a nice feeling 😂

I've said it so many times, you all really, really make a massive difference in this!!

I definitely feel much stronger after such a crap week last week. You said the other day that once you have these really tough times, the next time you face that situation it's easier, I can see that. Without a doubt the benefit of others' experience and having an idea what to expect, is priceless to a newbie quitter. Thanks as always ☺️ and again, well done!!!


Nice post just about sums up the journey we are all on. Some bumpy rides to endure but then smooth and happy ones come along to strengthen our resolve. Happy for you


Thank you so much Abuealajeannie 😊


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