Thinking of giving up vaping

Hi everyone!hope things are going well with there quit?ive been very busy lately at work and watching football so i havent had much time to get on here!my quit has been going ok, no temptations but still get that feeling that something is still vaping but ive started on a lower dosage.last week the battery on e cig ran out half way through the day ,then i went to get my spare ecig out my pocket and the nozal had snapped off so for 5hrs no wasnt that bad and got me thinking i should think about stopping vapping soon.anyway hope everyone is having a good weekend and staying smoke free😆😆

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  • Hello Joe, good to hear from you.

    What nicotine level are you on now? I would wait until you got down to 0% before you try to give it up. That way there isn't any influence from the nicotine, just the hand to mouth thing. I've started cutting down after hearing how Abuelajeannie got on and I'm finding it alright to be honest - nothing like cutting out the real things. I'm not using the ecig at work anymore, and I'm finding that I'm going for longer periods without using it. Yesterday I got up around 9AM and it wasn't until mid afternoon that I realised I hadn't used it!

    That's my opinion anyway...whatever you do let us know how you get on.

  • Hi nozmo i think my aim is to get where you are at on 0% on11mg at the moment but think that might be a bit strong as i have just brought a new vapourizer and it poweful little thing lol i was on 18mg since i started my quit but i want to get away from nicotine altogether its a horrible drug i hate the way it gets hold of people.

  • Maybe see if you can step down to 6mg after you finish the one you're on now? That's all I did..started on 24mg then stepped down to zero, 6mg at a time. It took me months but I hardly noticed any difference when I changed strengths. There's an initial, "hmm, this is a bit different" for the first few puffs of 6mg and 0mg, then you get used to it. I know Jean stepped down a lot quicker than me but she still didn't rush into it. Do it at your own pace, whatever suits you.

    I also found that switching to a different flavour helped when I went down to a lower nicotine level. That way the difference in nicotine isn't as obvious as the whole flavour is completely different. Does that make sense? Not sure if it does...

    I see Jamie Vardy is using chewing tobacco for the nicotine...sometimes while he's playing! I wonder if that catches on...a generation of footballers with snus stuck to their gums.

  • Is he really? Jeez I certainly hope it doesn't catch on - that's where they end up spitting wads of nicotine infused spit everywhere isn't it? That may actually be more gross than just smoking. Ewwwww.

  • It would certainly help defenders with their sliding tackles 😀

  • Good to hear from you Joe, can't help on the ecig but sounds like a plan to get off it. The 'missing' feeling is normal and will be with you a wee while yet. Keep ignoring it and it will go away eventually :)

  • Hi joe you probably know I've quit vaping and it's not been too bad, but I did go down to 0 nicotine first. I started with 18mg, then went just kept reducing to 0 mg. think if you just stopped without doing this you might find it harder so just wean yourself down and perhaps use it less. Good luck anyway

  • Hi jeannie and well done on quitting vapping😆yes i think ill drop down to 6mg like nozmo said first and then see how i get on with that.

  • Hey Joe, delighted to read your post about the vaping, I am so proud of Abuelajeannie, Nozmo and now you. They have given you excellent advice on it and wish you all the best, I have every faith that it will be no bother to you :)

  • Joe, I would echo what others said about getting down to 0 before dropping the e-cig. In my case I found the hand-mouth and overall ritual more addicting than the nicotine. Ignore it as much as you can, but use it if you must,

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