Grey and rainy day

Grey and rainy day

(With apologies to Hercu) it is a grey and rainy day here in London. In the past that would have really upset me as it would have made the logistics of going out for my regular cigarette break that much more difficult. I would not be able to saunter out of my room as if I was popping to get a cuppa or go for a meeting - instead I would have to get an umbrella and make it obvious where I was going. Would then need to go and find a sneaky sheltered spot somewhere so that I didn't get wet while I had a smoke. Usually there would be a bunch of other smokers there and it would be damp, smelly and squalid. Then I would probably have two cigarettes rather than one on the basis that it saved me going through the whole process as often. Finally I would come back to my office as covertly as I could but in reality damp, smelly and generally feeling guilty and a bit sordid. Now I really don't care that much if it is raining while I am at work!!

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  • Beautiful pic Fordy and yes with that weather continuing for months I would also get morbid...We need Sunshine .....but thank you anyway! 

    Luckily you don't need that damp cigarette anymore...Jig.!!!  

  • Grey and rainy here too but without a nice view!  I remember standing out in all weathers struggling to get my lighter to work and trying to stop the cigg getting soggy ... isn't it great we don't have to do that anymore!  Great post FordyP 

  • Isn't freedom great, life is so much better without those stinky cigs

  • Oh yes it's a dark, grey rainy day, but we have great sunshine in our lives, that is for today we are not smoking, never a sunnier thought.

    It's all quite epic, takes so much time and management to smoke doesn't it.

    Doing great

  • The sun is shining where I am today, Northern Ireland makes a change as it rains alot here. I'm sure the good weather wont last long so im going to tidy up the garden later. Your doing so well and its great not to stink of nasty cigs.

  • It's nice how you see things from different perspective now that you have packed in. Great post Fordy and a silver lining if ever I read one.

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