50 day milestone

Can hardly believe it's been 50 days.  I have a chest infection at the moment which is not nice but on the other hand I couldn't smoke even if I wanted to.  Had an hectic week, my daughter is coming out on Tuesday for a break so have been preparing for her visit, I have also been crotcheting lovely baby things for our two expected great grandchildren.  I went to a friends birthday party on Thursday in a lovely Spanish restaurant, with live music, dancing, good food and loads of wine and not once did I want to go outside and join the smokers.  today is Mother's Day in Spain so I shall be going out for lunch with my son and gorgeous little grandson.  next Tuesday we are going to celebrate our neighbours birthday with a bbq and no doubt lots to drink so a very enjoyable time for me and all without a ciggie, I hate to think how many I would have smoked enjoying these social events but I'm happy that I can enjoy myself without those smelly little white sticks.  Hope you all have enjoyable smoke free bank holiday

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  • Abuelajeannie, 


     I'm 45 days quit, feels like forever waiting for 50 :) one day at a time. 

    Being able to go to social functions without the worry of when and where I can smoke is just so freeing! I am loving this feeling so much, I'm enjoying the people I'm with which is what life is about.  Whoohoo!

  • A huge well done, I so hope you have got a great big smile on your face, indeed 50 days is worthy of a celebration.

    Fantastic news. 

  • Happy half century Jean!

  • Whohoo Jean!   Congratulations on 50 Days, that is great, you are doing so well, keep it up!  50 Days badge on its way!

  • Jean, 50 days is a fantastic milestone to reach - I think that it is great when we reach that stage where we look forward to social events like bbqs and the fact that we will be able to enjoy them without smoking rather than dread the prospect of facing them without a cigarette. Congratulations on your achievement and hope that you feel better soon

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