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No Smoking Day
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My birthday

Today is my birthday and I shall be out celebrating this lunchtime with my friends and then a meal out tonight with my hubby and family. I expect it will be a challenge as most of my friends smoke but I am sure I shall enjoy my birthday more for not smoking. my husband doesn't smoke and my son quit over a year ago so I know they will be supportive (my son will watch me like a hawk, lol).

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Happy Birthday Jean and what a very special birthday to celebrating smoke free. Congratulations!!

You will be surprised the support and encouragement you will get today (presume your friends know you are quit) which will spur you on. Wishing you strength but have no doubt you will be fine..

Be very proud and happy today, as it is the best present you could wish for.

Let us know how you get on at lunch!


Hiya abuelajeannie.

Have a great time with your family

A great pressie for you is not smoking.

Your first of many as a EX SMOKER.

how cool is that✌

Happy birthday.have fun🎂🎂

You deserve it

Take care

Keep kicking


Hey Lizzy, how was today, hope as good as yesterday?



Yet I think it's driving her mad.

Don't interact with them.get ma job done that's it.

I'm happy.i can ignore people and not feel at al bad.sod em. YEAH

Yes doing great.

Hows your day been.you looking to your holiday.

I'm booking something for my birthday in August.

Do I remember you said your birthday was Aug. Mine is 4th

Anyway have a good day (EVERYONE INC)

take care

Keep kicking


Good for you Lizzy, that's the way most jobs are gone now, just come in, do your work and go home, still at work here, I work from 8:15 to 4:45, financial services sector, going through a 3rd redundancy process, final batch of people leaving end of April, so hopefully things will improve atomsphere wise then....

Yeah, can't wait for Vienna, booked it for my hubbys 40th that he will be celebrating on 17th August....

Enjoy the rest of your day...

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Hiya Roisin

update on my crapy job

Today I got told "if a parent ask if the sandwiches we make are from free range or battery eggs.I have to say free range "

if they find out they are battery I will be 'let go for gross misconduct

That's so bad.Im a great believer in free rang.battery eggs are do cruel.

The Ladies (ha) keep asking if I'm ok.i just say yes I'm fine.

anyway basically rubbish day.

hope everyone else has had better day

take care 😊


Hey Lizzy, didn't know whether to laugh or cry reading that, think better for us both to laugh our arses off!

I never heard eggs being called battery eggs before and had to google it, yes it very cruel..

Would parents actually ask that at the school?

They wouldn't have a leg to stand on to let you go, how could they prove it?

Hope you answer "the ladies" with a big smile....don't give them that reaction they are looking for..

You are doing great Lizzy, keep it up and enjoy the rest of your day....


me again

very cruel cheap nasty eggs.

I for one would ask if they used free range.

I'm totally against cruelty.

But my heart sank when I saw my granddaughter eating a sandwich.I don't know who orders one.

but I was glad to see she scraped egg off and just ate breadcake.

but I'm a dinner lady.not my bussness what a child eats.

anyway sod work.long weekend soon.yeah

take care

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Thats the attitude Lizzy!

Finishing up today until next Wednesday for Easter, hopefully the weather is not as bad as predicted - wind and rain, looks ok at the moment...

Chat later...


Happy birthday to you🍰🍸 and how so very wonderful to be spending it with family and friends, smoke free.

You enjoy every moment, have lovely day

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