Feeling good

Day 26 and I am feeling good. The weather may be rubbish and I may have a cold sore coming but I am really happy with how my quit is going. The tiredness that I felt earlier is much reduced and the cravings have got much easier to manage. One of the biggest thing has been making sure I distract myself at those times during the day at work when I would have otherwise gone out for a cigarette break. Instead I have taken a few minutes to look at a crossword, have a chat to someone, get a drink or come on this site - even that need to distract myself is getting less though. I know that I am by no means through this and there will be challenges and difficult times to come but right now I am just enjoying my achievement

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  • Wow Fordy, 26 days already!   Thats great and well done!

    Your reading up on tips and what is happening when we quit is paying off, good for you!

  • And so you should Fordy, you've done REALLY well. Not far from that 1 month milestone now!

  • Fordy...One month around the corner...Well done on 26 Days !!!

  • Well done Fordy.  Close to one month now. 

  • hi fordy.

    ive been there with cold sores.not a pretty sight ha

    As for finding things to do.instead of smoking on breaks etc.sound like you got it nailed.

    you are into month one.yeah.thats great (nearly)

    take care

    keep kicking 😎

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