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Day 11 - feeling good

Hi All,

I've been hawking this and other sites for a while and have enjoyed reading the posts and been inspired by many of the stories. I'm particularly inspired by the people who commit time and effort to support others who they don't know and will likely never meet. This not only inspires me with my own quit but gives me faith in humanity and technology in an age when all we hear about is cyber bullying, trolling, grooming etc. You people are a force for good - thank you. Anyway, I digress (which I've been doing a lot for the last 11 days! - a diversionary tactic and a reflection of my state of mind).

I've been a secret smoker for 20 years at 20 a day. When I say secret I mean in no way secret other than in my head. Unless my colleagues, friends, neighbours and family are all complete imbeciles and think that when I put my jacket on and leave the house/office/pub each hour and return 10 minutes later smelling like a combination of an ashtray and a mint imperial, I really am going to make a phone call/get some cash out of the ATM/check the tyre pressures on the car. If only I had applied the same creativity to wholesome pursuits as I have to crafting reasons to get out for a fag over the last 20 years my life could have been so very different. Sorry I digress again.

For anyone that has bothered to read to this point - thank you (it's you I'm referring to in paragraph 1). I'll get to my point. As a secret smoker I have no external support and whilst I have coped well enough so far I'm absolutely determined that this time I'm going to give myself the gift of being smoke free. Therefore support as and when I may need it would be hugely appreciated, I may throw in the odd rant now and again (you seem to enjoy those) as well. I'm not naïve enough to think I'm not going to come up against a crisis or an SOS before this thing is done.

Thanks all - day 11 nearly done, attitude is still good and even if no one reads this, well no worries its 20 minutes more smoke free - go me.


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Hello and welcome numpty2016 . Good to have you here.

Well, I too, was a closet smoker. Nobody knew,in the sense I didn't smoke in front of anybody. Only husband really knew and he was\is pretty useless at support! I feel your pain. Quitting can be hard and more so when you can't tell anybody you are doing it.

You are on day 11 and this is great. Just keep going, one day or even one hour at a time. Post as often as you need to especially if things get tricky. All of us on here are at different stages of quitting and most seem to be long term smokers as well (I have smoked for so long that I can barely remember a time when I didn't, am now 46).

You can do this. Keep believing in yourself.



That's a great post numpty, I love it.

Congratulations on getting through the first 11 days. It's sounds like you're being pretty realistic and expecting some less-than-great times over the next few weeks so I hope we can help to get you through it.

Rant as MUCH as you like. We have all been there and know the power of ranting.


HI Numpty and welcome. Congratulations on 11 days.

This site is fantastic for help and knowing everyone has been through the nicotine withdrawal helps. We all know what we are going through.

It's amazing what the nicotine withdrawal does so rant whenever you have to.


Fab read :) goodluck on your journey of breathing fresh air and tasting the variety of foods without that nicotine stuck into your mouth lol be strong you can conquer this 💪👍


Welcome numpty2016 what a great positive, motivational and inspiring first post - it so deserves 'the post of the week' badge which I will give you shortly.

Day 11 is excellent, I too quit 14 months ago today cold turkey and never looked back. I had a very similar positive attitude to yourself which I strongly believe got me this far and this community.

We will look forward to your progress updates - wishing you continued strength and success, you can do it!

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Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my post. It's so great to have support. Day 12 nearly done and coming down with a cold so no desire to smoke which is great. I'm thinking by day 12 there are few traces of physical dependence and it's all in the mind - makes me feel better and positive. Sounds crazy I know but I'm really valuing my previous failures now - desperate at the time but it really gets you prepared.



hi numpty2016

good. that your here 😁

you rant and rave,whatever you need to do 😁

don't forget you can also be proud at what your doing and you can be Smug ❓

this horrible weather.people stood outside in cold.rain miserable weather Smoking 😒 you can think that used to be me.😁

keep at can do it 😁

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


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