I am so tickled that I finally quit! God is good!

Hey everyone! I still cannot believe I am smoke free! Tomorrow will make day 10 for me. I used to be so jealous of non-smokers and those who were able to quit for even a day, but here I am now doing it myself!

It's like my body knows to substitute the cigarette in hand for something else so I have all this nervous energy when I usually used to smoke and things get done so much faster now and I'm not as worn out from doing simple daily chores. I eat more now and I love it because I am a tiny thing and used to make the excuse to continue smoking because I didn't want to get fat.

I do feel asif I am a bit moodier now than I was my first couple of days and for some reason I thought it would be the opposite. It's okay though because I've read so much about others experiences that it's normal to feel this way the longer I stay sober up until about 6 months or so.

I have bouts of tiredness that suck at times, but I just stay tuned in to my body and push through it. I'm ready for another breathable day!

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  • Excellent post , brilliant news!

    Massive well done! 😃😃

  • Welcome SheenaL and congratulations on almost 10 days smoke free! What a great first post - great positive attitude which is key in our quits.

    We look forward to reading your progress :)

  • SheenaL...Lovely positive and in it to win it..Welcome and Well done ..It is a rollorcoaster journey but so worth it the longer it goes on....Keep going !!!

  • SheenaL .. 10 days is huge!! You can do it!

  • Thanks! Can't wait to be like you and over 50 days smoke free!

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