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feeling good today


i feel so good today made it to 50 day smoke free only vape proves vape can be used at procedure to quit im glad i did be another couple weeks to end march where ill buy cloud buster and lower my nicotine level so by my birthday in may ill be 52 thats when i 0 nicotine great hard work be first birthday without cigarettes ill be on you tube learning tricks

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melf1232 Years Smoke Free

Well done treacle1965 - you're going good... glad you're having a good day!!

Mel :)

treacle1965 in reply to melf123

yes i am more positive now and dates coming up fast to the end im smoking free just want get nicotine free my birthday be that day my last goal

Nohassel1 Day Smoke Free

nice 1 treacle i to am only a few days behind you i think my quit date was 18 jan :) very well done keep strong! and never look back :D

treacle1965 in reply to Nohassel

yes roughly few days apart but achieved we all have our different ways of quitting i admire anyone who does but cold turkey for me was defo a no go docs told me that as im asthmatic tryed patches chest was bad so gave in spent 48 hrs in hosp about 5 yrs ago and started smoking again now found something that suits me ive done it almost im proud of it

Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

And feel good you should, you've worked so very hard, as one person said to me, if you smoke one cigarette you'll want another, how true.

Sooo very pleased your having a good day.

All thats left for me to say is......

Fantastical, well done you

treacle1965 in reply to Tracey3

hi tracey same name as me but i dont have e lol i will never touch another roll up again the smell of them really smells bad even when i get to 0 nicotine im still going vape and learn the tricks

mushenValued Contributor

Nice one treacle1965 .

It's all going rather well. Keep going strong.


treacle1965 in reply to mushen

i will dont worry but if i hic cup ill do sos if serious but not going give in let my family down here

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