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Happy hump day!

For those of you who have never heard that phrase before, Wednesday is the middle of the week so we're on our way over the hump and on our way to the end lol, happy hump day!

I haven't posted many updates recently, only because I haven't had much to say really, I'm just chugging along nicely. But I read the posts every morning and I can see some people are having a hard time so I thought I'd come on and say good morning everyone and congratulations, no matter where you are you your quit and whether you're cruising or struggling, you're doing brilliantly!! Just being on here and recognising the demon is an achievement in itself!

For those of you really struggling with personal stresses my advice would be to keep thinking to yourself, I don't want to add to this stress, smoking is one more problem and expense I don't need. See your strength as a quitter as the same strength to get you through tough times!

In terms of my quit, it's going ok, I still don't want cigarettes but I'm still using my ecig, I haven't lowered the strength or cut down so still not ideal but, as with smoking, I'll know when I'm ready and when I'm ready it will happen 😊 I've overcome a few hurdles recently, a big night out drinking (one person even tried to persuade me to smoke by putting a cigarette to my lips, I didn't even blink, just said I don't smoke anymore!) and I had dinner with a friend who chain smokes in her house. I just had an extra lozenge and it was no problem.  My next challenge is a weekend visiting my mum and dad in Spain, both heavy smokers, both smoke indoors and both just leave their fags and lighters laying around all over the house lol! Give me strength!!!

Anyway, sorry for the long post, didn't mean to waffle in, maybe this is why I don't post very often! Keep going everyone you're all doing so well!

P.S Roisin, your holiday will be a breeze, don't even worry about it, you got this!!

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Lovely post Toni.

I think we're all a bit conscious of the holiday season approaching and feeling chinks in our armour. I'm off to Edinburgh for the weekend and am already thinking about the challenge of not smoking. I'm not going to...just more aware of it...if that makes sense?

Can't believe that person put a cigarette to your lips!! What an absolute horror! Well done for shrugging it off. 

Take it easy

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I know exactly what you mean Nozmo, I have no intention of smoking but I don't want to let my guard down for a second so it's always there, reminding me of the dangers lol! 

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Hey Toni, great to read your update and that you are in a good place in your quit.   As you say you will know when you are ready with the ecig and is good sign that you are thinking about it.

Keep going!

PS Can't believe too that someone actually put a cigarette to your mouth, how cruel and selfish....


Hey Toni doing great and well done for not smoking among all that temptations...

I would have spoiled the whole party and punched that person on the nose....Good for you to be very gentle on that... !!!!


What a great post.  Can't believe someone did that to you, obviously a very jealous smoker who can't quit.  


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