Half Year Celebrations

I'm just shy of half a year but because it's NO SMOKING DAY I decided to post today.

I'm 176 days off the cigarettes, massive huge accomplishment for me, I'm very proud and happy.

I started smoking when I was 12 and I am 40 years old.

It was very hard to learn how to live without the cigarettes.

For the last 3 weeks I'm not even thinking about it anymore, I only thought abt the forum today because I got an email... That is the stage I've been looking forward to get to, I finally found PEACE

Stop killing yourselves and I hope each and every one of you find your peace faster than I did...took me about 5 years and many many attempts!

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  • Congratulations & well done mmaya!

  • Thanks buddy & congratulations to you too😀

  • I'm really happy for you mmaya. It hasn't been easy but you have done it!

    Don't forget about us completely though...we still want to hear how you're getting on!

  • I'll always be around to do my bit of nagging against the ecigs ahahah, thanks dude!

  • Ha! Good. Keep me on my toes!

  • Good work mmaya - I'm so pleased for you :)

    It's been a joy to share some of your journey, and to see the support you've given to fellow quitters along the way! Keep it up lovely, enjoy the win :)

  • Thank you hun and pls keep checking in because I really appreciate having you around, you have a very soothing effect on me 😀

  • well done :DDD

  • I haven't really had chance to get to know you.but I hope I can say the same.

    All guys here do help.

    You take care.so happy for your triumph 😤

    Do keep in touch.we always need support.

    Take care

    Still keep kicking

  • thank you darling, I haven't been much in the forum for the last month because of some serious health issues that I am facing at present.

    I still read the posts everyday but because I am not feeling on my very best optimistic myself - i dont really post much.

    my mum always said: when you dont have something nice to say, dont say nothing at all LOL :)

    Stay strong buddy! You keep kicking ...you will kick mr. smelly nico out in the backside, I know it :) Be good!

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