Day 39 Cold sores and giving up the smokes?

Hi everyone i was wondering if anybody else suffered with cold sores since they quit smoking?i do normaly get the odd one every couple of years when im run down.but since i quit ive had them three times.ive been vaping and using patches to help me quit.last week i stopped using patches i was working away from home and went to buy some patches,the price was nearly double what i pay for them in superdrug!it made me so angry and i thought im not using them anymore out of principle id rather suffer lol.well i havent suffered one bit and i feel im another step closer to beating my nicotine addiction.anyway hope everyone has a good weekend and stays smoke free😆

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  • hi joe

    yes I have had cold sores.

    I was put on sick for a week due to being infectious.they were on my nose.not a pretty sight ha.

    but now 8-9 weeks later everything is a lot better.

    I'm just getting headache a lot.not sure if it stopping smoking or what ❓

    things will pick up

    take care

    keep kicking 😎

  • Yes I,m not dissimilar to you, in the fact I get sores occasionally, how ever I've had three in the last six weeks, never  linked it to quitting those nasty mr Nico sticks.

    Will be interesting to know if any one else has suffered.

    May I add doing  fantastic,  coming off the patches, is truly amazing, well done you

  • Hey Joe, good for you giving up the patches, that is great!

    I have no experience with cold sores, luckily never had one in my life but think I read recently on here that vaping can cause cold sores, something to do with the vapor drying out, not sure, Nozmo  or Thinlizzy54 might be able to help.   

    PS Can't believe you are almost at Day 40, that is massive and deserves a celebration tomorrow!

  • There are a few ecig forums on which people report getting cold sores after vaping Joe. I don't think the vapour or e-liquid itself is to blame as cold sores are caused by a virus...maybe it's a hygiene thing? I'm not saying you're unclean or anything (!), but the end of the vaper must pick up a few germs after we have been using it for a while.

    I've never had one in my life, and I hope I don't!!

    39 days!!!

  • Actually just been reading a bit more about bacteria on the e-cig. It's all rather disgusting.

    I'm off to sanitise my tip!!

  • Im not sure if its vaping maybe its my body just cleaning itself from years of abuse from hygiene is ok thank you nozmo hahaha maybe even better now since quit.

  • Joe, when I vaped I had cold sores constantly. Vaping seemed to dry my mouth more than smoking ever did, and I think that was part of the problem. But part of it is the body's reaction to quitting smoking. Our mouths have a balance of good & bad bacteria. It changes in reaction to tobacco use, and we need to adjust to the disuse. I stopped vaping and my sores stopped, though I can't remember what came first.

  • I dont think im ready to giving up vaping just yet cocoa im only really adjusting to giving up smoking and life as a non smoker.once this cold sore has gone and i get another one im going to the doctors.apart from the sores i feel great i dont feel run down or ill actually its the best ive felt in years💪😆

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