day 7

Well I can hardly believe after the first 3 days of quitting I made it this far... I think the reason for this is I want it this time :) I am not candy coating the fact that I have been completely miserable BUT the thought of me being taken over by some illness caused by cigarettes is more then enough for me to continue on my very long hike of freedom.. I have had maybe 3 hours of sleep per night since I quit 7 days ago.. I am often fumbling on a daily basis at work because I am really that tired BUT I am not smoking... my mother is very concerned about the lack of sleep so I am asking anyone.. what should I do... I don't even know.. I was thinking of going to the doctors for sleep aids but really is that just going to open up a newer problem in my life? thank you in advance for your input and no matter what hits me I wont go back .

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  • im having the same trouble as you.... ive been taking Magnesium FX 1000 tablets and they are actually helping me....the tablets help with anxiety, muscle relaxation, mood and irritability, sleep and relaxation etc.... so far 1 day i got an extra couple hours more than the night before! :-) worth a try, all natural of course :-)

  • Delighted for you,I have had the nights of broken sleep too but I'm just over 3 weeks now and my sleeping is nearly back to normal..I found getting a walk in the evenings helped me.

  • Abratforu...Insomnia is a side effect of quit smoking and adhanced by Champix....Yes, it is very dangerous to start with another drug to make you sleep...Try not do go that path...

    Rather go herbal; I drank green tea on that sleepless nights and found it to be excellent.

    I experienced the "Total Zombification" carrying on and walking around like a detuned radio..!

    Being in a position where I must be available 24/7 it was very uncomfortable does go away...Bare with it now and the rewards are legio..!! Big huge Strongs !!

  • Whohoo Abratforu - huge congratulations and well done on your first huge milestone of 1 week, that is great! Hope you have a little treat lined up for yourself!

    Unfortunately, the sleep disruption and lack of it is the most common withdrawal of quitting, for me, I would sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow but would wake up between 2:00 and 3:00am wide awake, it did settle down after a couple of weeks - I tried deep breathing to help, definitely avoid sleeping pills as you said yourself...

  • Congrats Abratforu. Good advice above to avoid sleeping aids. It does get better naturally.

  • thanks so much guys no sleeping pills for this girl!

  • A natural alternative would be to try making banana tea. It really does work.

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