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So I'm giving up the vaper. I've come on here for a bit of a rant lol and also if I say it out loud it makes it an official decision! I'm so annoyed, I loved my vaper but it was one thing after another, dead battery, empty liquid, worn out coil, jammed reservoir. Then half an hour ago it just died, not due to any of the above, it just doesn't work. Bloody thing. I'm at the shops now as I need food and I did think I could just buy a new one but honestly, I hate that I'm 'cheating', it gives me headaches the next day and I'm sick of replacing bits of it every few days! So as gutted as I am, it has to go. So that will be me, after 13 days, going 99% nicotine free. I'm still sucking 1 or 2 lozenges a day. But I guess I feel relieved the decision has been made, and also still pleased that the last thing on earth I want to do is buy cigarettes so I must be doing something right. Here's to a slightly crappy evening ahead lol! X

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  • Go for it Toni, whatever feels right for you.

    Great rant!!

  • Welcome to Rant evening Toni, think we should officially dedicate Tuesday to "Rant Tuesday"!

    Joking aside Toni, I think it is a sign you needed to get off the vapor with all the things gone wrong on it and as you said it is not making you feel good. You appear to be very strong and have no doubt you can do this, sending you strong vibes xo

  • Pooh what a good idea, a specific night to have a rant, and moan.


  • And what better a night for it than a Tuesday? My seventh favourite day of the week.

  • Indeed that's the good thing about nights, a new morning ahead, your just having a torrid moment, it will pass soon I hope. I look at my patches, a bit like weaning a baby off milk,it just a slower process, so if you need to have a few lozenge,s no harm done.

    Hoping tomorrow is a better day, I will keep every thing crossed for you

    Hopefully you will have a good nights sleep

  • Go for it Toni you have to do what feels right for you. Good luck

  • You can do it kicking and screaming if you want to Toni.....You can be so proud on yourself for making this next big decision... Good for you ...Strongs

  • How you getting on Toni?

  • hi Toni

    ive just be posting about stoping vape.

    how are you doing now?

    I think I may be ready to stop???

    we will see

    take care

    keep kicking

  • Hey Roisin and Thinlizzy, I've afraid I haven't done so well with stopping the vaping :( i didn't use it for a day after it broke but I decided that as I was going on my first night out drinking with a friend that smokes i wanted to play it safe and take my vaper with me so I got a new one. That was Thursday and i am still using it.  However, on the plus side I have realised it is definitely just as addictive as cigarettes and easier to smoke anywhere therefore not a good thing at all, for me anyway. I had dinner with friends yesterday and after starters I wanted to go outside and vape. Clearly not something a non smoker would do!! It has to go! Still no desire for cigarettes though so not all bad 😊 Sorry for the late reply, how are you both getting on? Did you stop thinlizzy? X

  • Hey Toni, I'm good thanks, those niggling cravings passed by!

    Its your quit Toni, so you know best..you will get there....

  • Well done, glad they're off the radar again, happy Easter!! Xx 

  • Happy Easter to you too Toni....

  • Morning Toni, how are you doing?   Hope all ok and having a good weekend....

  • Hi Roisin, I'm really good thank you! Another beautiful weekend! I'm spending the weekend with my best friend in Bristol for shopping and her hubbys birthday night out 😊 No one here smokes so should be stress free fingers crossed. Still using the vaper but still doing well and no plans to change that. How are you getting on? X

  • Ah grand, not a bother Toni, weather still brutal here and expected to be like this of rain and more rain for days, very cold aswell!   Ah well, it can only get better!

    Good to hear you are doing well and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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