Quick progress share :)

So I've been beating myself up all weekend about using a vaper; I felt I was using and enjoying it way too much and I have also felt really sick and headachy like a hangover all weekend, which I've put down to overuse of the vaper. It broke last night! I was really annoyed and had to get out of bed to find my niquitin tabs so I was ready for the morning. And then do you know what I realised? Not once, not through cravings, not through stress and not even when my vaper broke, has it even crossed my mind to have a cigarette!!! It's always just been grrrr this again, ok what can I vape, suck, drink etc.... This realisation has pleased me no end ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  • Thats great Toni and huge in your quit, you know what you have to do now.....wishing you strength, keep going, you are doing so well!

  • Do you mean quit the vaper? I know I should but I'm scared lol, it's so nice in the evenings! But you're right, I'll give it some thought ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Well, in around about way, lol!!!

    Do give it some thought though....

  • Wow how brilliant, doing fantastic, and great your not thinking of the smokes.

    Huge congrats to you, well done

  • Toni...Nice to see you are not thinking of cigarettes ...It is huge progress and on the road to a successful quit...Stay strong...

  • Great your not thinking of cigs now, not sure whether you should quit vaping yet though, if it's keeping you off cigs, why not cut down on the nicotine level in your juice it might help your nausea and headaches, maybe you are getting a bit too much nicotine. Good luck whatever you decide and stay strong

  • So i went to get a lower level juice and was told i'd have to cut down from 12mg to 6mg, it's a huge jump, do all retailers have these strengths or will i find something more middle ground elsewhere?

    thanks :)

  • Buy some 0 nicotine and put a few drops in your 12

  • I totally agree with Abuela, cut down on the nicotine level in vaper.

    Well done, those fags are just a bad memory.


  • Thanks guys, I'm going to leave it to fate for now, it's in the vaper shop to see if they can fix it, if it can be fixed I'll buy a lower strength liquid, if not I'll have to go without for now as I don't want to spend another ยฃ20 on one the week before payday. I've used niquitin all morning and so far so good, although they give me wicked heartburn!

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